24 May 2022

All about breastfeeding your baby

If there is one thing that all new moms struggle with, it would definitely be baby feeding


  • I bet you know exactly what I'm talking about.
  • So to enlighten you and help you take your first steps as a mom with the peace of mind you deserve, here are a few questions to ask yourself and some information to keep in mind.
  • First, how do you want to feed your baby?
  • Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or alternating the two?
  • If breastfeeding is centered on the baby's well-being, artificial milk offers you a significant amount of freedom.
  • Next, what equipment will you need so that you don't run out of anything when the baby starts screaming for food?
  • Here again, it all depends on your choices.
  • In the case of breastfeeding, a breast pump and absorbent breast pads will be enough to feed the baby during the first months.
  • In other words, you can save money!
  • If you opt for formula instead, bring several bottles and their nipples, something to wash them easily with, and of course formula suitable for toddlers.
  • Now, let's talk about you.
  • Yes, because feeding your baby, in any way, is going to impact your life.
  • In terms of your health and well-being, for example.
  • Whilst formula feeding allows you to share feedings with dad and therefore have a little rest that is always more than welcome, breastfeeding has plenty of benefits.
  • It makes the postnatal period easier for you thanks to the uterine contractions caused by breastfeeding, it helps you lose weight more quickly, and it helps you relax… Choosing to breastfeed your baby also means thinking about your health.
  • Finally, as far as your life as a mother is concerned, you should know that these two ways of feeding your baby will both bring you happiness and complicity.
  • The most important thing is that everyone is happy, that baby, daddy, and you are on the same wavelength, and that you can all take full advantage of these magical moments.
  • Because believe me, these moments will be gone very quickly!

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The positive aspects of breastfeeding


We now know that breastfeeding is as beneficial to the baby as it is to the mother in terms of health. Here are some examples.

  • Breastfeeding your newborn causes contractions in your uterus, which reduces the risk of hemorrhage and speeds up the recovery of this organ.
  • Breastfeeding has also been found to have protective properties against breast and ovarian cancer.
  • More surprisingly, breastfeeding during your lifetime will improve your bone density in the long term, especially at the age of menopause. Pretty good news, right?

Stopping breastfeeding: the problems of weaning


When your baby is growing, it's only natural that you think about stopping breastfeeding, but things aren't always easy and you can quickly run into problems.

  • Engorgement: if weaning is too quick, your breasts won't have time to slow down their production and may become engorged.
  • Bottle refusal: the baby, used to the softness of your breast, may refuse the bottle. One word: perseverance.
  • Your baby may also refuse formula, so don't hesitate to try several brands to find the right one.
  • In any case, gentleness and love will make this stage more easy for you and your baby.

The different types of breastfeeding


Breast or bottle? that's the question, but how well do you know the different types of breastfeeding available to you?

  • Exclusive breastfeeding: you meet all your baby's needs by feeding him exclusively.
  • It requires a certain investment but is full of benefits for both of you.
  • Mixed breastfeeding: here, you alternate between breast and bottle.
  • Useful if dad wants to participate, its main advantage is to offer you a little rest.
  • And finally, formula feeding: here, the baby is fed exclusively with a bottle.
  • It's up to you to make the right choice according to your preferences!

The recommended equipment for calm breastfeeding


Cushion, bra, pads, breast shells... Focus on the essential material for calm breastfeeding.

  • A special nursing bra will be your indispensable ally: thanks to its clip system, it allows you to feed your baby without undressing yourself. Be careful to choose a good size, it must not compress the breast.
  • Nursing pads are to be slipped into your bra, allowing you to anticipate any milk leakage that could stain your clothes.
  • Moisturizers are essential to keep your skin healthy after feeding, while breast pads can help relieve cracks.
  • A nursing pillow is ideal for positioning your baby without straining your back or arms.
  • A breast pump allows you to relieve your sore breasts and it is also useful when you go back to work or have to take time off. Know that it can be rented at a pharmacy if you are on a tight budget.

What impact does breastfeeding have on your daily routine?


If you've decided to breastfeed your baby to give them the benefits of breast milk, here are some important things to know about breastfeeding.

  • Dietary restrictions have been reduced compared to pregnancy.
  • Coffee and alcohol are now allowed, but in moderation, and consumed at least 3 hours before breastfeeding.
  • Breastfed babies need more time to fall asleep than bottle-fed babies because breast milk is more difficult to digest.
  • Don't worry, after a few weeks, he'll find his rhythm.
  • If your maternity leave is coming to an end, you have several options. You can decide to stop breastfeeding by gradually weaning your baby or expressing your milk.