24 May 2022

When to stop breastfeeding?

While 60% of mothers breastfeed their baby at birth, only 20% continue after two months, while the World Health Organization recommends six months. So, when to stop breastfeeding?

  • Fatigue and going back to work cause stress, which limits the flow of milk.
  • You will not have enough milk to feed your baby and you will have to compensate with infant milk.
  • Stopping breastfeeding can also be linked to an external event (taking incompatible medication, illness, physiological problem) or simply because you feel like stopping!
  • In all cases, a weaning period will be necessary by reducing the number of daily feedings first.
27 May 2022

One thing I didn't do during my first pregnancy that I MADE SURE I did during this pregnancy is FULLY educate myself on breastfeeding. It was overwhelming after I delivered my first son to have 10 different nurses walking in and out telling me 10 different do's and don'ts while I was trying to breastfeed AND even stopping me in the middle of breastfeeding just to tell me something else 🙄 I COMPLETELY gave up breastfeeding before I even left the hospital and I blame myself for not having the least bit of education on how to breastfeed my child. I'M READY THIS TIME AND I'M TELLING THOSE NURSES TO BACK THE HELL UP 👊👏 # Educate&AdvocateForYourself