24 May 2022

The nursing pillow: benefits and tips for choosing and using it

Long before the baby is born, the nursing pillow is already your best ally! Explanations.

  • During your pregnancy, this 67-inches-long pillow is the naps and night sleep companion, by serving as support for your belly.
  • During breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it will allow you to support the baby while relieving your arms and lumbar spine.
  • For a high-quality nursing pillow, avoid foam filling and use polystyrene or spelt microbeads instead.
  • It must be soft to allow the baby to be positioned in a comfortable cocoon.
  • After birth, the soft nursing pillow can be folded in half to create a fluffy bouncer for the baby's sweet dreams.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the midwives for advice during childbirth preparation classes.
27 Oct 2022

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5 Sep 2022

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29 Apr 2022

I'm only 13 weeks and already so uncomfortable at night, any recommendations on a good budget friendly pregnancy pillow I can use later as a nursing one.