24 May 2022

Causes of milk leakage

During breastfeeding, milk leakage can occur, and here are the causes of this perfectly normal phenomenon.

  • Every mom is different: for some, milk leaks are frequent, even systematic; for others, they never happen.
  • Breasts leak simply because they are full of milk, usually in the morning when the baby has not been fed for several hours.
  • In other cases, milk leaks from one breast while you are nursing your baby from the other.
  • Sometimes milk leaks out when you hear another baby crying - this is a let-down reflex!
6 Nov 2022

Kind of a personal question so I understand if nobody feels comfortable answering ! But , when anyone started having little signs of leakage ( breast milk ) did it start off very little &’ turn into more or is something wrong ? I’ve been wearing sports bra’s my whole pregnancy ( more comfy for me ) &’ I’ve been wearing this black one for a day or so &’ noticed little white circles inside where my nipples go I can tell it’s a little dried up milk but , it isn’t a lot. I’m 33 weeks as of tomorrow &’ this is all new to me.. not sure if I’m overreacting or being dumb for even asking but I’m worried since it’s not a lot maybe I’m not producing milk like I’m supposed to or something..


19 May 2022

All moms….When did your breast milk come in? I’m 34 weeks and I feel like my breast hasn’t gotten any bigger or haven’t had any leakage. Im getting super nervous because of the milk shortage right now.