24 May 2022

Is there a breastfeeding leave?

You have decided to give your baby the best by breastfeeding and you wonder if you will be able to continue when you go back to work? Here are some answers.

  • In France, the legislation is in favor of breastfeeding.
  • There is no longer breastfeeding leave as such, but arrangements can be made to continue breastfeeding at the end of your maternity leave.
  • Thus, the Labor Code allows you to devote one hour of your workday (which can be divided into two) to breastfeeding.
  • During this period, you can breastfeed your baby at your workplace or express your milk.
  • This arrangement can be made until your child's first birthday.
28 Aug 2022

Just cleaned for baby shower tomorrow boy am I exhausted lol only 2 weeks left till Babygirl is here and only 5 more days of work left then I go in pto and then my maternity leave and leave of absence for work for 6-8 weeks I’m so ready to meet Babygirl and have my belly back haha


26 Jul 2022

Need some advice and an ear to hear me out. So I work from home. I was starting a new line a business from Humana to Amerihealth. Back in May I missed 5 days of the new training. I was bleeding and of course since Im expecting ran to the hospital gt my notes from the doctors each time. My job then placed me on LOA from May 25th-July 15. Was told to exchange my equipment in July 14th and the 15th I'd start with Hulu. When I went on July 14th HR lady apologized bc they dropped the ball,they didn't add me to the training class starting the next day min you I was on a unpaid leave of absence (LOA) 5/25-7/15. Almost 2 mos with an 8yo and a baby on the way. I pay half of all the bills I share w my man. I did have savings so I was at least able to pay the lst 2 mths rent. Now during this time frame I missed 4 paychecks. They tell me if it's ok that I start in 3 weeks August 4th/5th. The recruitment team calls me yesterday and tells I start August 10th (first day of school) n my training hours are 330p-12a. And that will also be my production schedule. I told her I can't work that shift I've always requested day shifts bc I have a kid in school. So basically my job is setting me up to quit. Not only this when I started with them I left my clinic job of almost 2 years for $16.50/hr for me n 15 other new hire classmates to find out we're only getting 13.50 so the training mgr had to fight for our 16.50. Also when I was moved to Amerihealth I was never asked they just sent us over with no questions no explanations. My issue now is another 3 weeks of unpaid absence to start 330p-12a. I'm so depressed school is starting my man is struggling enough to hold it down. We were trying to move to a new house next door to my moms. But it's like if I don't take that late shift then we really wont have my income or a new home. Which we live in a 2br with a baby on the way n my son n his 2 kids visit evry 2 weeks. We don't fit. I'm so overwhelmed , I'm putting in apps bt it's a lot. I feel sick all the time and ik it's bc of my mental state. My man doesn't help he acts like its my fault im not working. He says slick remarks like get a job stop being lazy. Since the pregnancy started he has been more hormonal than me n I'm ready to take off n go back home w my parents


20 Jun 2022

Any moms have legit work from home jobs? Doctor has me on bed rest and my job put me on unpaid leave of absence until after baby is born. #workfromhome


27 May 2022

My job sent be home. My boss was like" your baby and this heat not getting along, so go home get some rest talk to you Tuesday". Then he gone say I don't want you to end up in the hospital or loosing your baby so consider taking a leave of absence. He don't wanna loose a great worker.im so tired,I got sick four times at work.tryed to eat nothing is helping.