24 May 2022

How does lactation occur?

As soon as you become a mother, your body starts lactating, a natural process that helps produce the milk your baby needs.

  • During your pregnancy, your breasts gradually prepare for breastfeeding, and regardless of their size or shape, they all do their job!
  • After the birth, the hormones that cause lactation are released which are also stimulated by your baby's feedings.
  • As nature is very good, you will usually feel a rush of milk when it's time for your baby to eat.
  • Lactation can last several months, depending on the mother and the frequency of breastfeeding.
3 Nov 2022

May seem silly to ask, but do any lactation supplements actually work? My lactation consultant says it's normal for one breast to produce a lot and the other is lazy. I mean if I need to supplement with formula I will but really prefer not to.


9 Oct 2022

Breastfeeding my son is only 6 days old my milk is coming in but not much is coming out I tried the lactation cookies which make my breast full engorged any tips mamas my baby will not take the breast I tried the pump but maybe I don’t pump long enough to have a full flow has a lactation specialist in the hospital help me after delivery but that was only one day with lactation specialist


3 Aug 2022

Oh and one more thing that I need to get off my chest. Yesterday I was talking bout my epidural and he said jokingly “epidurals are for pussys” I know he was playing but I took it to heart. That day I was getting induced I was not trying to get anything no epidural I wanted to go natural bc I’m the beginning of my pregnancy I was telling him how that scares me and he was like “do it natural your gma did it before your gma, they did it and so on” so in my head the idea of me going natural was so brutal. Even though my baby had gastroschesis I knew I could deliver vaginally. After I had got the kidney infection in June, my heart rate was so high my bf got scared and said maybe I’m better off having a c section and I’m like I’ll be fine vaginally. So when I went in for my induction I had the idea of me going natural just to basically tell him I can do it . They had told me I was gonna get the epidural either way so I took it and whenever they kept saying I was 3cm I was getting so discouraged all the nurses knew I wanted to do it naturally until they gave me and infection and I didn’t want my daughter getting anything so I gave up and told them a c section. Ever since then, to this day I’ve felt less. Even though right now I’m still struggling with some pain from my incision. I was being so selfish to my daughter just bc I was thinking of him and it pisses me off so bad. That’s why I get so depressed now. He didn’t mean it that way but I told him idc who he knows that had it naturally but I’m not them and so on. I’d do it again. I was referring to his bm but he said I took it the wrong way and he was playing. He sees me struggling now. He cooks for me everyday he doesn’t want me to get up for anything and I’m thankful but I just want him to understand I literally did everything for him. Left jobs just to make our relationship work. Had to leave my family to start this one. I know he makes all the money now I just wish he realized what I’d do for him but whatever lol I’m crying y’all lol anyways I’m just ready for our babygirl to come home I miss her. They said we need to go to the hospital to stay for two nights so they can see how she feeds and if I need help from lactation so 💕 sometimes I feel like I’m not producing much milk cause I cry everyday and feel stressed out but I’m trying not to and I have the Lactation cookies and the lactation powder thing to put in drinks so I’m praying that works


6 Jun 2022

Y’all better get them lactation cookies off y’all link card !! My sister just went nuts for me off her link lol !! The government might not be giving yall the formula y’all need or want but it’s still giving ppl the tools to do things the natural way.. (lactation foods to produce milk to be able to feed) ❤️ utilize your resources!! The right way


27 May 2022

So, I had my appointment to discuss reinducing lactation. Turns out that for me it's not worth it, but only because my son is already drinking double the amount I would be able to get out at a time. For all mommas with babies 5 months or younger struggling with the formula shortage who would want to try breastfeeding, but no longer have a milk supply, I would definitely suggest asking your doctor about it. For mother's with babies 9 to 12 months, you can try supplementing whole milk according to my pediatrician. She suggested half formula and half milk. My son is doing SO good with it😁 Edit: 6 months and older can use toddler formula as well. It's basically the same thing


28 Jan 2022

I am a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator, is anyone interested in joining some groups via Zoom?


Marti Nicole
18 Jan 2022

Help with lactation 😩 my baby won’t latch , tired power pumping oat milk etc n nothing


15 Jan 2022

Other than pumping more, lactation products n fenugreek, is there anything I can do to boost my milk supply?


5 Jan 2022

My daughter is almost 4 months old she is growing a lot but also I feel like I'm not making enough milk supply that fills my baby up I have to supplement between 4 or 5 times a day just to fill my Lil one up after being on the breast. I'm also doing these help bring more breast milk is there lactation drinks and I've been doing 2 times a day with them afternoon and night time. It just sucks I can't even pump durning the day because I ain't got time to do it being a single mother so I'm kinda desperate but I'm making it n showing my love and joy for my Lil fruit cup


20 Dec 2021

Hey Moms.. can I have some tips on how to increase my milk supply. My son is 2 months old and I have tried the lactation cookies and mothers milk but no luck. Any other ideas?!