24 May 2022

On demand, exclusive, mixed... Forms of breastfeeding

After giving birth, there are several ways to breastfeed your baby, but the most important thing is to choose the method that will suit the mom's comfort and the baby's well-being.

  • Exclusive breastfeeding means exclusively breastfeeding your baby and, according to the WHO, this method of feeding is recommended until your baby's dietary diversification.
  • If you choose to breastfeed on demand, this means that you adapt to your baby's rhythm, the number of feeds vary from day to day depending on his hunger or need for physical closeness.
  • Mixed breastfeeding is the method preferred by moms. This feeding method, alternating breast and bottle feeding, adapts to the rhythm of life while favoring the baby's well-being.
  • On-demand, exclusive or mixed, no matter which breastfeeding method you choose, it must be a time of well-being and comfort for you and your baby.
30 Oct 2022

Breastfeeding on demand is so tiring but worth it! Any other breastfeeding mamas get extreme hunger like pains after and during breastfeeding? I cant seem to curb it 😩 any tips?


9 Oct 2022

is pumping the same as breastfeeding? well almost like breastfeeding,,, like i heard breastfeeding helps u lose weight and it’s better . but for example what if baby doesn’t wanna latch on to the boob . can i pump and it will be almost the same ??


30 Jun 2022

Well feeling like a failure… I have been fully breastfeeding my son, in the beginning I was overproducing and had to pump after every feeding bc I would still be engorged… the last few days I’ve noticed a drop in my supply (normally I will pump 8-10oz each breast everytime… the last few days I been only getting maybe 1.5-2oz each breast) and it seems like my son isn’t getting full on just breastfeeding… my son is 7 weeks and I’m kinda scared imma have to drop breastfeeding and try formula


5 Jun 2022

Any moms making their own formula and also breastfeeding at the same time ?? I need advice my boobs are sore from over pumping and breastfeeding 😭😵‍💫


1 Jun 2022

My dad is so annoying🥴😤 I'm super antisocial.... So too much people interaction will drive me mad... I need my space to breathe at one point. While I was staying with my sister I decided to sleep in the living until I move.... I was 8 months pregnant then. So tell me why my dad wakes me up 3am asking me if I want chips🧐... Tell me why I wake up with the lights on 2am with him mopping the damn floor😤... First of all when does my dad ever cleans??? It was so hard to fall asleep, so for him to wake me up constantly I was so devastated and annoyed. Third of all as soon as I go to the bathroom or walk around, here this man goes running upstairs looking for me... Like leave me alone bruh... You don't want me for anything why you keep messing with me. Both of my parents are separated so I hate when my dad sh*t talks my mom... Me and my mom has a rocky relationship, but at the end of the day that's still my mom. My mom decided to send me one of my favorite meals.... As soon as I microwave it here comes my dad!! First thing he does is open the microwave to see what I'm microwaving🥴🥴 (I already took it out btw) Like let me eat in peace smh.... I hide and eat my mom's food because I don't want to hear him sh*t talking my mom's food. I'm pregnant... Let me enjoy my food in peace omg. I love my dad but it's so hard having a conversation with him because everything coming from his mouth is negative.... I dealt with depression and stressed before and during my pregnancy.... Don't stress me out even more then I'm already am. So a few weeks later I gave birth to my daughter Sarae💕💕 I come visit my sister's house and here goes my dad yelling the top of his lungs in my daughter's ears and omg😤😤 yoooo I really was heated... I told him to shush because she was sleeping. Literally the first day at my sister's I sleep in my nephews room... He bust open the door and switch the lights on 12 am at night yelling saying ayyyyeee!!!! while Im breastfeeding. I told him that I was breastfeeding and then he walked out😠 I literally left the next day to stay with my boyfriend. Now I'm back at my sister's currently and my dad continues to try and wake my daughter up even after I tell him to chill. He literally wakes her up and then leave. Me and my mom has a tough relationship but my mom would still ask for permission to hold my daughter... My mom was more respectful with me and my daughter. My mom was so helpful as well and I am so grateful for her..... But my dad literally triggers me at this point. He snatches sarae from my hands after I said that I'm about to feed her real quick.... He disregards my request for him to stop. He doesn't even wash his dirty hands before touching my daughter. Since I'm back at my sister's for a few days he constantly keeps coming upstairs at 11am, 2am, 4am just to make noise upstairs to wake my daughter up😠😠... Like go to sleep she's sleeping... Like why do I have to keep telling you that. It's like he makes it so hard to love him right now because at this point I want to stop seeing him completely.... But at the same time I don't, because I do feel bad for him. He is still bothered by him and my mom's separation.... He never really had a daddy and daughter relationship with me or any of my siblings when they were still together. So now that he moved in with my sister he feel more isolated from everyone 🥺so that's the part that I feel bad about... But the disrespect is driving me crazy. My dad finna be 70 on September and it's like the time is ticking of how much time I have with him....🥺so this is so frustrating!!! He is a immigrant so even if I did explain to him he will definitely take it in his own unique way if you understand what I mean and he is extremely hard headed so it's like I'm putting a point out for no reason.😤ugghhh!!!


27 May 2022

I know alot of people will probably get triggered by this post because of the formula shortage but ignore and keep scrolling if so. I 100% support fed is best so don't get me wrong either. I know some men and women think breastfeeding is the the easiest out of breastfed and formula fed. But women breastfeeding know the difficulty of it. Some days are good some days are bad. Some days latching and colicky are problems. Cluster feeding and multiple times during the night being awake. Breast and nipple pain. Stress if your baby is getting enough. Formula fed has its struggles too. I'm not saying it don't. Feeding newborns and infants isn't a walk in the park either way, breastfed or formula fed. I have been breastfeeding for 4 months straight. And it's a lot of work. I feel like any soon to be mothers need to hear this when deciding how to feed their child. Deciding off which one is easier. They're just as equal of a struggle!!


Keisha "Da Pregnant"
14 May 2022

Breastfeeding is a supply-and-demand system. The more demand on the system through breastfeeding the baby, the more milk the body makes. Occasionally, nature's system is imperfect. Sometimes the body takes a day or two to catch up to a baby's increased breastfeeding demand during a growth spurt. It is not dependent on your breast size. Feed the baby,make milk


14 Mar 2022

Anyone have been experiencing sharp pain in left side for couple days. I have it for 4 days it never go away every time I move or take breath or get up I couldn't move. My left legs was sore for 2 weeks. I'm 28 weeks it's too early for me to have baby. I can't bear it if my baby born early and being in nicu. My 3rd son was in nicu for 2 weeks it's awful and difficult experience for me. I don't want to lose my opportunity to being breastfeeding my baby for 2nd time. Yes, I did breastfeeding my 4th son. Not all of my 3 sons- they was on formula.


14 Dec 2021

From breastfeeding to pumping and pumping to breastfeeding… my nipples are always moist. Never feel when they are dry… 😖


1 Dec 2021

What is some important tips for breastfeeding? New mom here and I want to know what’s important for breastfeeding.