24 May 2022

Knowing more about the post-delivery time

Pregnancy and your baby's birth are magical and emotional events. It is important to know that there can also be rather difficult times. Dealing with your emotions and leading a fulfilling life after the birth of your baby can take some time.

  • The post-delivery period, also known as the postpartum period, extends from the day of delivery to the return of your menstruation (the first period after pregnancy).
  • Within hours or the day after giving birth, you may experience baby blues. This can be very upsetting because you feel like crying when you should be happy. Don't worry, this never lasts long.
  • You can also suffer from prenatal or postnatal depression, so talk to your doctor who can direct you to the right health professionals to deal with it.
  • Things will also change with your partner. You are now the parents of a little one. Have fun without the baby to keep your relationship alive and take time to reconnect with each other.
  • Your baby's birth may bring some tension or misunderstandings to your relationship. With good communication, you will manage to overcome these arguments.
  • The post-natal follow-up is also an opportunity to talk about your feelings to the pediatrician or midwife.
  • After the birth, you may have insomnia or anemia, so talk to your doctor, who will easily find the best solution to help you regain your balance and sleep.
  • The arrival of a baby is very energy-consuming. Be careful not to suffer from parental burnout. Partners are just as concerned as moms. Isolation, fatigue and feelings of guilt are all warning signs. Learn to detect them as soon as possible so that you can get help. Count on other family members and friends to take over certain tasks or give you time to rest.

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Evolving the parents' relationship after childbirth


The arrival of your baby may have a strong impact on the family's daily life, but also on the couple formed by mom and dad after the birth.

  • Becoming a parent requires a lot of energy
  • The couple's relationship has to be totally reinvented. Make time for just the two of you
  • You will find pleasure in enjoying moments as lovers
  • You will need time to accept the changes in your body, but your partner will support you
  • Your partner also needs you to help them find their place in the relationship between you and your baby.