12 Mar 2024

Gastroenteritis and breastfeeding: how do we do it?

When you catch gastroenteritis, the first reflex is to stay away from your baby in order not to contaminate him.

  • But what to do if you are breastfeeding?
  • Simply do not change anything!
  • When the first symptoms appear, you've usually been sick for a few days and the baby has already been exposed.
  • Moreover, by continuing to drink your milk, he will receive your antibodies which will help him fight against the virus.
  • So don't panic, even if breastfeeding when you're sick is not easy, it will only be beneficial for your baby and it will also avoid the discomfort of engorgement!
Baby girl’s mommy
19 Dec 2023

Has anyone had gastroenteritis while pregnant? I think I might have it. As I said in my other post I vomited in the morning and I thought it was from the Taco Bell last night. But all through out today I couldn’t eat or drink anything with out vomiting. I have vomited 6 times today. One of those times it was just stomach acid because there was nothing in my stomach for my body to expel. And I know it’s not morning sickness because with morning sickness you can typically eat small bland meals here and there. I couldn’t even eat anything small or bland. I couldn’t take tums, I vomited that up. Acetaminophen didn’t work either. I have headaches and temperature is slightly elevated and all I want to do is sleep. My question is has anyone dealt with gastroenteritis during their pregnancy? How did you manage it? And should I got to the er due to me not being able to hold anything down all day?

Gastroenteritis is just like a stomach bug. If you can keep water down and stay hydrated, it should pass soon. Stomach bugs are typically 24-48 hours.
19 Dec 2023


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I haven't but I say go to the er to be on the safe side. And if that's what you have maybe it's something they can give to better help you. Hope you feel better soon.
19 Dec 2023


💙Tommy Boy's Mommy💙
29 Jun 2023

We're back home now he has Viral Gastroenteritis aka stomach flu...he said to give him flavored Pedialyte or Children's Electrolyte Solution...He just had 4oz Mixed Fruit Pedialyte and 2oz or formula...the diarrhea should clear up on its own

🌹🌹Sharla 🌹🌹
29 Jun 2023


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