24 May 2022

Losing weight with breastfeeding

As soon as your baby is born, all you want to do is watch your figure slim down and lose weight.

  • The good news if you've chosen to breastfeed your baby is that breastfeeding will help you lose the pregnancy pounds.
  • That's right, during the 9 months that you carried your baby, your body built up reserves to provide rich milk for your newborn.
  • And it is precisely from these reserves that it will draw to produce each liter of milk necessary for your little one.
  • So forget about dieting, just go back to your pre-pregnancy diet and you'll be back on track effortlessly.
17 Sep 2022

I’ve been breastfeeding my baby 7 months strong on demand and boy have I lost weight!!🥲😬 at 40 weeks pregnant I was 170.. and I’m at 120 now. I was 130 before I even got pregnant. Had a bit of curves too, now I’m all bones!:( I was told breastfeeding would cause some weight loss, but I did not expect to be this thin. Im really sad tbh, I lost my butt lol. Any tips/advice to help gain weight during breastfeeding??