24 May 2022

A healthy diet for a healthy pregnancy

A few days ago, you took a pregnancy test and in a few seconds, your life was turned upside down. A thousand questions came to your mind, with one more pressing and important than the others: how do you eat during pregnancy? Let's clear the air right away: sorry, you won't get to eat for two quantity-wise, or if you do, you might sink into postpartum depression afterward, realizing that you've gained way more weight than necessary!

The trick is actually to eat twice as well and not twice as much. This way, you will reach your term in great shape while providing your baby with all the essential nutrients for his or her proper development. You might even fit into your favorite jeans as soon as you leave the maternity ward, wouldn't that be great?

To feed your growing belly, stick to your regular 3 meals a day, with particular attention given to breakfast. You know that babies snack, right? Well, you can treat yourself as well to 2 snacks a day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. This way, you'll avoid having low blood sugar and a lack of energy between meals.

Compote, yogurt, a glass of milk… it's up to you to treat your taste buds while keeping health and balance in mind. The watchword when you're pregnant: avoid anything raw, or almost. Sushi, tartar, meat carpaccios, raw milk cheese, raw eggs… anything that could contain the famous listeria bacteria must be banned from your plate.

Make sure to have diversified meals and remember to have a balanced diet. Meat, poultry, eggs, fish, dried beans, and cereals should be part of your daily intake to fill up on proteins. Far from being avoided, fats are essential during pregnancy, so choose fats in reasonable quantities as well as oleaginous, such as walnuts, almonds, and oily fish.

Calcium, which is essential for your baby's skeleton and teeth, should not be forgotten either: remember to consume dairy products in sufficient quantities. Finally, don't forget to abide by the motto “5 fruits and vegetables a day”, which is even more important during pregnancy.

On that note, bon appétit and don't forget, if you have any doubts, talk to a health professional!

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Forbidden foods during your pregnancy


During your pregnancy, everything you eat and drink feeds your baby as well.

When pregnant, you must stay away from:

  • Soft or raw milk cheeses
  • Raw and smoked fish
  • Raw, smoked, or undercooked meat
  • Cold cuts, rillettes and pâtés
  • Fish eggs
  • Surimi
  • Raw or undercooked shellfish
  • Raw fish
  • Raw eggs
  • Alcohol

Foods to avoid during your pregnancy:

  • Liver
  • Soy
  • Sweeteners
  • Products enriched with phytosterols
  • Caffeine
  • Wild fish

In all cases, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.

Foods to choose during your pregnancy


Some foods can benefit your baby. Find out which foods will be your best allies during your pregnancy.

Once you are pregnant, your first instinct will be to adopt a healthy, diversified, and balanced diet for 9 months. The foods you should go for are those containing :

  • calcium to build your child's strong bones
  • vitamin D to help mineralize their bones
  • iodine for tissue growth, especially brain tissue
  • folic acid (vitamin B9) to develop the nervous system of the fetus
  • iron to stimulate the growth of the fetus and the formation of the placenta.