24 May 2022

How to feel beautiful during pregnancy?

Cellulite, weight gain, heavy legs, brown spots on the face, greasy hair... Pregnancy brings its own set of inconveniences that can sap your morale! But there's no question of letting yourself go!

Pregnancy is the ideal time to pamper yourself, take care of your body, and stay beautiful and seductive. Body milk, balms, care oils... There are many care products specially designed for pregnant women. Take the time to smell the scents and compare the textures while you're in the store. The more you appreciate them, the more you'll be inclined to use them on a daily basis. Stretch marks don't have to be a matter of fate if you take things into your own hands right away. Stock up on nourishing care products with firming properties. The best thing is to massage an anti-stretch mark product on your belly for a moment of complicity with your baby!

Are you refraining from going out because of those brown spots that appear on your face? They are called "pregnancy mask". The culprits: hormones of course... But the sun is to blame as well. So, avoid exposing your face as much as possible during periods of strong sunlight. Also forget about using aggressive beauty products ( toners, scrubs containing alcohol...). There is only one golden rule: be gentle! And why don't you start preparing homemade masks and facials? A few ripe avocados and a little olive oil, applied for 15 minutes on your face, and there you are, with a fresh and radiant complexion!

Have you always dreamed of having a thick, shiny mane? Good news for you: during pregnancy, your hair is in great shape thanks to estrogen! Is yours greasy? This can happen to some women. To clean it up, opt for gentle, rebalancing shampoos. More importantly, take the time to massage your hair to better distribute the sebum. And, why not go to the hairdresser for a scalp treatment and massage? Relaxation guaranteed!

If your legs feel heavy, drink herbal tea made from red grapevines to restore blood circulation. You'll feel lighter after a few days... You'll want to go for an invigorating walk in the park or a shopping spree to look your best!

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Skin care for pregnant women


During pregnancy, more than ever, taking care of your skin is a must.

  • By ridding your body of dead skin cells, you will allow the active ingredients in your creams to do their job properly, whether they are remodeling, anti-stretch marks, and/or moisturizing creams.
  • Hormones and UV don't mix! To fight against ugly brown spots, make sure your day cream has UV protection (even in winter!).
  • Dull complexion, acne outbreaks... Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure and relaxation with treatment in a spa... Obviously, inform the beauty technician that you are expecting a baby!

What hair care to choose during pregnancy?


Generally speaking, hair tends to look particularly good during pregnancy, but don't let that stop you from taking care of your hair, as it's still important to keep it looking great after giving birth.

  • Start by using a gentle shampoo that respects the nature of your hair.
  • Apply moisturizing and nourishing treatments regularly while gently massaging your scalp.
  • In addition to being pleasant, this little massage will activate the microcirculation and help limit the inevitable hair loss after your delivery.
  • Finally, think about going to your hairdresser's some time before the birth of your baby so that you look your best in the souvenir photos.