24 May 2022

Zoom on... the pregnancy mask

You have noticed strange and very localized spots on your face? Don't panic, it is most certainly a pregnancy mask.

  • It usually appears during the second part of pregnancy, between the fourth and sixth months.
  • It appears as brown or grayish spots and affects the forehead, the cheekbones, and the area around the lips, in particular.
  • It is a hyperpigmentation of the skin due to the hormonal variations to which your body is subjected during pregnancy.

But rest assured, the mask of pregnancy is not serious and usually disappears after delivery.

13 Oct 2022

Are anyone else experiencing “the pregnancy mask?” My skin is completely dried out no matter what I put on it and it also starts flaking up and peeling. What’s are some good remedies to treat that?


21 Aug 2022

I don’t have a pregnancy mask


6 Jun 2022

What can I do for my pregnancy mask ? It’s so ugly 🥺 I’m starting to have heartburn but it don’t last long so no Tums needed ! Btw I passed my 3hr glucose 🥳


1 Jun 2022

So in my state in March, the mask mandate was lifted & it was perfect timing as I was starting my 6th month of pregnancy & it was getting harder to breathe. Now today, I start my 35th week of pregnancy & don't plan on starting maternity leave until 5 days until my due date. And so today at my shift, the lead line cook told me that the restaurant owner wants everyone to wear a mask or get a vaccine & you have to have proof. What the heck do I do because I'm feeling like I'm gonna pass out on the line. It's getting really hot back there as summer approaches & I really had a hard time breathing today wearing a mask. There's not enough research done about getting a vaccine while pregnant, & I will be breastfeeding. It's not legal, right? I'm in Oregon...