24 May 2022

Sex during pregnancy: facts and figures

A lot has already been said about having sex during pregnancy, but you still want to be reassured that nothing will happen to your baby. Here are the answers to the questions that you, like many moms-to-be, have.

  • Is sex dangerous during pregnancy?

Without any contraindication from the midwife or doctor, you can continue to have sex during pregnancy. That's pretty good news, isn't it? Only certain complications require abstinence. Don't hesitate to ask during your check-ups.

  • Can the baby be hurt?

No, a baby can't be hurt or harmed when a pregnant woman and her partner have sex. The amniotic sac and strong muscles of the uterus play their protective role perfectly. In addition, a thick layer of mucus seals the cervix and blocks infection. The penis can't go beyond your vagina and will never reach the baby!

  • Can making love trigger childbirth?

Again, forget about this misconception. Sexual stimulation or even orgasm has never caused labor or miscarriage. All you risk reaching climax is feeling harmless contractions.

  • Is intercourse different during pregnancy?

Let's move on to a more sensitive subject: will your sensations be altered by pregnancy during sex? It is important to state that each woman reacts differently. You will probably, like many, be more sensitive to touch, especially in certain areas such as the breasts. These changes can disturb you as much as they can be a source of pleasure. The best thing to do is to describe your feelings as much as possible to your partner so that they can adapt to the changes of your body. You may also have much less desire for sex, or more, depending on the individual. In any case, don't be worried and never hesitate to talk about it with the people you trust.

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Sex drive during pregnancy


When it comes to sex drive during pregnancy, everyone is different. Some women have a stronger libido, while others have a decrease in desire.

Fluctuating hormones, nausea, and other not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms can impact your sex drive. There are no real rules here. Some women experience surges of desire, while others just want to curl up under the blanket and rest or watch a good movie.

Let's not forget the daddy-to-be, who may also understandably experience stress and a drop in libido.

Hormones and contraception during pregnancy


It's rare, but it can happen: getting pregnant while taking a contraceptive. Is there anything to worry about?

  • If you forget to take the pill, underdose or interact with other medications, it is possible to become pregnant even if you take precautions. That's why we call it a 99% chance.
  • If you have decided to become a mother, you should consult your doctor and stop taking your contraceptive.
  • The good news is that the hormones do not cause any malformation and do not affect the development of the fetus. Phew!