24 May 2022

Tips for travelling during your pregnancy

Who said that pregnancy and travel were incompatible? You can enjoy your vacation while pregnant without any problem. There are just a few things to know and to pay attention to, to make sure that everything goes well. What is the best time to leave, and what should you take in your suitcase? Follow the guide!

The first thing to do before planning your trip is to ask your doctor to get his or her opinion. The second thing you should do is to avoid traveling to a country where hygiene conditions are poor or where there are infectious diseases such as malaria. Keep in mind that certain vaccines are forbidden to pregnant women, make sure none of these is required to go to your dream destination!

What is the best time to travel? Well, it is difficult to predict because it depends on your health, but overall:

  • Avoid traveling during the first trimester.
  • On top of fatigue and nausea, the risk of miscarriage is higher.
  • During the last three months, it is better to stay close to the scheduled place of birth.
  • Better not to induce a premature birth on the other side of the world!  
  • However, you can travel without fear between the 16th and 28th weeks of your pregnancy.  

As far as means of transportation are concerned, none of them are contraindicated if your pregnancy does not present any complications.

  • When you are in a car, train, boat, or plane, it is important to take regular breaks to walk and stretch your legs.
  • If possible, avoid long journeys where you have to stay still.
  • For medium and long-haul flights, wear compression socks.

In your suitcase, don't forget to bring :

  • Your pregnancy medical record to save time in case of emergency consultation or hospitalization.
  • Your health insurance card
  • Your first-aid kit with the medications authorized for pregnant women.

Finally, check that your travel insurance contract covers medical repatriation and that pregnancy is not among the exclusions. You see, traveling while pregnant is not mission impossible!

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How to travel by plane while pregnant?


How about a vacation before your baby comes? Just follow these precautions before flying while pregnant.

  • Air travel is safe for your pregnancy unless there are complications.
  • Always ask your pregnancy doctor for advice before planning your trip.
  • If you are flying on a medium or long-haul flight, wear compression socks, walk down the aisle every two hours, and stay hydrated.
  • From the 7th month of pregnancy onwards, it may be more difficult to board the plane, as airlines often fear that you might give birth on board!

Pregnancy and vacations: incompatible?


Enough with misconceptions about pregnancy! Of course, you can go on vacation while pregnant, but there are some precautions you should take.

  • First, ask your doctor's advice to make sure that your pregnancy allows you to travel without risk.
  • If you are going abroad, take out a good travel insurance policy with repatriation coverage, including for pregnant women.
  • Choose a destination that does not expose you to infectious diseases and has good medical facilities.
  • The best time to travel is during the second month of pregnancy, when you will be less tired and your belly will not be too heavy.

Travelling by car during pregnancy


If you want to go on a car vacation before your child arrives, there are no restrictions, just a few good tips to follow.

  • You must wear your seatbelt to protect yourself and your baby.
  • Place the lower part of the belt as low as possible under your belly.
  • Your worst enemy is immobility, so plan to take 10-minutes breaks every hour to walk and stretch your legs.
  • Avoid driving on bad roads—shaking is not good for the baby.
  • From the 8th month, long trips are not recommended.