24 May 2022

Going on vacation while pregnant: destinations to avoid

If you're dreaming of a vacation by the sea or in the mountains before your baby arrives, don't worry, but there are certain high-risk areas you should avoid.

Forget about certain tropical countries to avoid exposure to infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

  • Choose a destination where the medical infrastructures are good.
  • No one is safe from a small health problem.
  • Stay below 2000 meters of altitude to keep good oxygenation.
  • Finally, pick a destination where you can easily find fresh, quality local food.

Before booking your trip, consult your doctor for advice.

25 Oct 2022

I never received a push gift from my previous pregnancy with this one I really hope to get one and I just want a vacation that’s it cause I need one baddddddd


11 Oct 2022

I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks I’ll be 32weeks has anyone traveled that late in pregnancy this will be my first time and I’m kind of nervous


29 Jun 2022

I just need public opinion...not pregnancy related. Am I wrong? My teenagers decided not to go on family vacation last year. We planned a beach trip for over a year (post quarantine get away). Schools decided to open earlier than originally scheduled and my teens said they really didn't want to miss a week of school from the beginning and end up behind. I was a little surprised and disappointed but what kind of mom would I be to force them to miss school and go on vacation. So I honored their request and made arrangements for them to stay back while the rest of us went on to the beach. So this year planned a Disney trip in the heat of summer so as not to interfere with school at all. We are going soon. All of a sudden my daughter's friend asks if she wants to be her plus 1 on a cruise with her family during the first week of school. So I'm instantly like I know how you feel about missing school soooo....and she's like oh I mean I don't mind missing this time...it's a cruise! I said no she can't go because last year's standards should still apply. Am I wrong?