24 May 2022

Balancing pregnancy and professional life

To live well during your pregnancy at work, it's important to follow a few rules and listen to your body's needs. Here's some advice on how to adapt your professional life and take full advantage of this unforgettable moment, with complete peace of mind, even at work!

At work, keep your spirits up and smile! Feeling stressed or irritable? Try taking the time to do some meditation exercises. By turning your attention for a few minutes to your feelings and those of your baby, you'll create a bubble of intimacy just for the two of you!

You are pregnant and this is a great joy, but your colleagues may not feel like talking about motherhood all the time.

You can ask to adjust your hours by reaching an agreement with your employer so that you don't have to deal with morning and evening traffic, and you won't be as stressed out from the start of your working day.

Eat properly to reduce hypoglycemia and fatigue. It is important to vary your food and to include a small snack such as a piece of fruit if you feel hungry at 10 a.m.

Drink water regularly and avoid large cups of coffee! A small herbal tea can be great to promote the elimination of toxins and drainage.

If you have swollen legs, you can do some exercises by standing up and raising and lowering your heels.

Remember to change positions regularly if you work sitting down, and remember to stretch to relax your back.

It is important to wear feminine but comfortable clothes, and avoid high heels!

If you are tired, talk to your gynecologist or midwife, who will decide to stop you from work for a few days. There is no need to jeopardize your health! It is important to listen to your body and to enjoy your pregnancy.

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All about maternity leave


Maternity leave is a right for all pregnant women in France. Here is what you need to know.

  • Whether you are employed, part-time, on a fixed-term contract, in the civil service or in the private sector, self-employed or unemployed, you will benefit from it!
  • Maternity leave includes a period before the birth and a period afterwards, for a total of about 16 weeks.
  • If you are expecting twins or triplets, if you already have dependent children or if your pregnancy has complications, the duration of your maternity leave will be longer. Take advantage of this time to get some rest!

Maternity registration


You are pregnant and now you have to register in a maternity ward to be able to give birth in good conditions.

Of course, you don't have to register in a maternity hospital but it is recommended! You don't have to register in a specific one.

  • You can register in the maternity hospital of your choice, but be aware that some maternity hospitals are very popular.
  • An establishment does not have the right to refuse you if you come to give birth without being registered.
  • It's better to plan ahead so that you don't give birth in an establishment that you haven't chosen.

Informing your employer about your pregnancy


You are pregnant! But when should you already inform your employer about your pregnancy? We tell you everything!

In France, you don't have to tell your boss before you go on maternity leave, but you should know that as long as he doesn't know:

  • You are not protected against a possible dismissal.
  • You cannot benefit from any adjustment to your working hours.
  • You can notify your employer by certified letter with acknowledgement of receipt or verbally, but it is better to do it in writing as it is legal proof in case of litigation.

Work or unemployment for the pregnant woman


Whether you are unemployed or working, you have the right to make the most of your pregnancy.

If you work in a company:

  • After announcing your pregnancy, you have the possibility of adjusting your working hours in agreement with your employer and according to the characteristics of your job.
  • You have the right to take time off work for prenatal exams.

If you are unemployed:


  • You have the right to maternity leave.
  • You are exempt from job search at the end of your pregnancy.