12 Mar 2024

Maternity leave and your salary

What salary will you get during your maternity leave? Does this question worry you? Don't panic, here is some information!

In France, during your maternity leave and under certain conditions, you will receive a daily allowance paid by the Social Security:

  • This amount changes depending on the duration of your maternity leave and the salary you were receiving before leaving.
  • You must have worked at least 150 hours during the 3 months preceding the birth.
  • You can simulate your benefits thanks to the calculator created by Assurance Maladie!
10 Oct 2023

Question: Do you usually get paid for maternity leave ? In my last career they paid me 70% of my salary but I had to apply under short term disability leave … that was 4 years ago tho . I’m curious to know without asking them lol

My company pays 80% first 6 weeks std, 100% second 6 weeks parental leave and 90% last 4 weeks the state of Colorado pays for FAMLI.
10 Oct 2023


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