24 May 2022

The first symptoms of pregnancy

The beginning of pregnancy is a lot to take in, so be prepared for your hormones to play tricks on you.

Here are some of the very first symptoms.

  • Fatigue: When the alarm goes off, you feel like you're being woken up in the middle of the night. You would go for a nap any time of the day.
  • Your breasts become heavy and hypersensitive.
  • You experience the famous morning sickness, which at least has the advantage of getting you out of bed.
  • Then you feel the uncontrolable urge to urinate... followed by constipation.

A little voice inside tells you that something strange is happening in your body...

8 Nov 2022

okay guys i need help this is the first month of me and my girlfriend trying and i am 4 days past my period and having some pregnancy symptoms yet all test have come back negative and not to sure what to do


18 Oct 2022

OK I have a serious question ! I’m going to ask my doctor as well and see what she says when I see her next Tuesday but I’m really wondering since  in my first pregnancy, I had preeclampsia at 37 weeks and I had no idea nun of the symptoms etc and I had to be induced. Obviously, my preeclampsia wasn’t  severe. Thankfully, I had my first appointment with my doctor in July around eight weeks pregnant etc I told her about my preeclampsia  she started me right away on baby aspirins  and I have to take it all the way, until birth because with my preeclampsia in my last pregnancy, I had protein in my urine , and my blood pressure was high, unaware of it .. I’m really wondering my blood pressure hasn’t been high since I’ve been seeing the doctor thankfully and they haven’t found no protein in my urine as of yet thankfully but I really don’t want to be induced again, so is there a chance when I get further along like 30 weeks if my blood pressure isn’t high is there a chance I don’t have to be induced ? Or something like that? Because she did say because I had preeclampsia with my last pregnancy. There’s a chance it could carry-on in this pregnancy, and I might have to be induced, but with me taking the baby aspirins, it can lower my chances, she said.  i’m just really hoping and praying because I don’t wanna be induced. It was no fun. 


10 Oct 2022

#ttc Can anyone tell me your early pregnancy symptoms before your missed period ? I have been peeing non stop literally. My nipples are super sore and sensitive and I'm having this tugging sensation on the left side of my lower abd. I literally had no symptoms at all with my first baby for the whole pregnancy so I don't have anything to compare this to. Thank you !


25 Sep 2022

Getting sad and discouraged, first round of Clomid my progesterone was really high, had sex when I was supposed to Im having pregnancy symptoms and I’m late on my period but all the tests are coming back negative.


22 Sep 2022

Random question for fun and just because I’m interested in everyone’s experience: What is the worst pregnancy symptom you have went through and/or going through? For me first pregnancy the only symptoms I can think of that were crucial was the heartburn and carpal tunnel that carpal tunnel was the worst…daughter wise not being able to eat and sciatic nerve pain


26 Jul 2022

I’m on the depo shot my next shots scheduled September 1st we’re trying to have a baby. I’ve been have a lot of symptoms of pregnancy it will be my first child I just need some advise!! I can’t go by period because I don’t have them. I’ve been on depo for almost 4 years now and I know a lot of people say you can’t get pregnant that quick! Help!


22 Jul 2022

What were your first pregnancy symptoms? Was it urination? Eating? Nauseous? Clingy animal? I honestly feel guiltily for even thinking about the possibility of even being pregnant. I feel that way because of being told for years that I can't have kids. That my body doesn't work they way it should. However, for some reason I can't stop thinking that I could really be pregnant this time.


26 Jun 2022

Can pregnancy symptoms start to subside toward the end of the first trimester? I’m towards the end of my 2 months and soon to be 3 months in.


10 Jun 2022

I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and I was wondering has anyone ever had their first trimester symptoms in the last trimester of there pregnancy because I’m currently starting being nauseous again 😭and I hated it in the beginning.


12 May 2022

I was super nauseous all day on Tuesday, but yesterday and so far today I don’t feel any nausea at all. This is my first pregnancy and I’m 5+1. I’m absolutely terrified of losing this child. Did/does anyone else have days without symptoms? My breasts and nipples are still really tender, but no other symptoms that I was feeling before (nausea and cramps).