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Strengthening Bones, Still Flexible for Birth

Strengthening Bones, Still Flexible for Birth
In the 39th week of your pregnancy, a significant but delicate balance is achieved in your baby's development: their bones, including the bones in the skull, have strengthened considerably, yet they retain enough flexibility to safely navigate the birth canal.
This combination of strength and pliability is crucial for a successful and safe birth process.
Strengthening of Bones
  • Bone Maturation: By this stage, your baby’s bones have undergone significant mineralization, making them stronger and more resilient. This process is essential for the baby's overall health and ability to move effectively after birth.
  • Importance of Calcium and Vitamin D: The strengthening of the bones is supported by calcium and Vitamin D, which are transferred from the mother to the baby. A balanced maternal diet rich in these nutrients is vital during pregnancy.
Flexibility for Birth
  • Skull Bone Flexibility: Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of fetal bone development at this stage is the flexibility of the skull bones. The baby’s skull is made up of several bony plates that are not yet fused together. This allows the skull to be flexible and moldable, which is crucial for a safe passage through the birth canal.
  • Fontanelles and Sutures: The spaces between these skull plates, known as fontanelles, and the sutures, which are the connective tissue between the plates, allow the baby's head to compress slightly during birth. This adaptability reduces the risk of injury to both the mother and the baby.
Post-Birth Bone Development
  • Continued Bone Growth: After birth, the baby’s bones will continue to harden and develop. The skull bones will gradually fuse together over the first few years of life.
  • Monitoring Bone Health: Pediatric care includes monitoring the baby's bone health and development, ensuring proper growth and addressing any concerns early.
Parental Considerations
  • Nutritional Support: Ensuring a diet high in calcium, Vitamin D, and other essential nutrients in the final weeks of pregnancy supports the final stages of your baby’s bone development.
  • Awareness of Birth Process: Understanding the flexibility of your baby’s skull can provide reassurance about the natural processes designed to protect your baby during birth.
At 39 weeks, the strengthening of your baby's bones, coupled with the flexibility of their skull, is a critical aspect of preparing for birth.
This natural development is essential for a safe delivery and sets the foundation for healthy bone growth post-birth.
As you approach your due date, being aware of these developments can help in understanding the intricacies of the birth process and the incredible adaptability of your baby’s body.
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11 Jun 2023

Any recommended daily stretches you guys do or did to help with lower back pain and to help body prep and stay flexible for birth? I am still in my first trimester, 9 weeks. So any stretches that can help for now and in the upcoming weeks to when my belly gets bigger that’s safe

There are some apps with pregnancy yoga and exercises. They are pretty useful! But kegals is a big one they recommend. Helps strengthen your pelvic floor and lessen painful contractions later on.
27 Mar 2024


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Thank you! Yes I need some good ones for lower back pain, I know I’m gonna need it working on my feet for 11.5 hours and especially I’ll be getting bigger soon & will be walking flights of stairs
27 Mar 2024


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