24 May 2022

Raising a child on your own

A child living alone with one parent is common in France. Nearly a quarter of all children are in this situation. Here are some tips for raising your child.

  • It is important to support the parent who is absent by talking about them from time to time.
  • Avoid considering your child as the referee of your relationship with your former partner.
  • Make time for your child, but also try to take time for yourself.
  • Your child is like a sponge, so take advantage of this to awaken his curiosity and desire to discover the world.
13 Sep 2022

Some people rather sit there and raise they child alone ! Then to be around the fake as babydaddy and his family or to be around problems period 💯


13 Jan 2022

My baby father is not stable of course I knew that before I layed down he says he will get it together I’m scared to raise a child alone I’m 5weeks idk what to do I have a 8 year old his dad takes really good care of him