24 May 2022

Raising your child with kindness and understanding

It's not always easy to make the right decisions about raising your child, so here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • If you think your child is too active, maybe you should work on your own pace.
  • It is possible to be firm without being unfair or yelling and to show that your decision will not change and that it is right for your child.
  • To make your child feel good, give them value and confidence so that they can grow without fear.
  • Have fun with your children so that the right complicity is created.
4 Oct 2022

I hate coming on thiis app because all I see is baby daddy issues. Rarely do you hear the entire story & they play the blame game. Alot of them knew these men didnt want kids yet still had them then mad cause they moved on. Now the women who have real baby daddy issues;abuse mentality or physical, cheating ( wives or long time relationships) i understand. But the ones on here that did trap babies, didnt listen to him say yall just fuck friends, I cant believe he didnt want a family after I got pregnant. Thats just dumb on your part. Take responsibility for that. Take responsibility that you will raise this child alone till you meet a true soul mate. Stop looking to change people who tell you the truth. You ignored the signs now own up to it... im not perfect but as a woman I always knew if I got pregnant momma baby daddies maybe. And thats why I didnt get pregnant till I was financially stable and learned to own my mistakes. Try that because your child doesn't deserve a bitter parent raising them they didnt ask to come here. Then you got the same young minded people in the comments like girl dont let him see the baby , get full custody, he doesn't deserve access to your child. News flash the court system doesnt work like that .. and its their child too. If he aint physically abuse he can go to court , request dna test if its his get 50/50.... 🫣😒 lord yall should of thought about who you had kids with first before opening your legs 😭


21 Sep 2022

Anyone else raising your child in a bilingual household? What are your tips and tricks? Teaching one language is hard enough but 2?


21 Sep 2022

It's sad sometimes I'm excited to see my little girl but at the same time being pregnant and just life happening and being in a toxic relationship is hard .. raising a step child and having to deal with so much drama is sooo much sometimes and I catch my self asking why stick around still


12 Sep 2022

I'm a relatively health conscious person and plan on raising my child as such. So what I put on and in the child is very intentional. Can anyone suggest brands or websites that offer affordable yet sustainable baby clothes/gear. Thanks


21 Jun 2022

It would be perfect if moms wouldn't judge one another (especially on an app). Raising a child is a unique experience for everyone. People are not robots with the same movements or life paths. Where we can relate is that we are all women on an app wanting to relate to someone and be heard. Don't judge other women. Be supportive or keep browsing. #venting


4 Jun 2022

Literally got home from the McDonald's two streets over and got an alert there was a shootout there. New anxiety unlocked boutt raising a child 😭


4 Jun 2022

Rant🙄!! I wish society would stop associating negative connotations of motherhood ( coming from mothers) with mental illnesses like postpartum depression. It's normal to feel like motherhood is not for you, it's normal to be overwhelmed when your child is in distress and you can't figure out what to do, it's normal to cry in the shower because sometimes you feel like giving up, it's normal to want time to yourself, it's normal to not feel like the best mother you can be, it's normal to have one child and decide that DO NOT want more, etcc. All of these feelings are COMPLETELY VALID but society will not allow moms to say that they're tired. Why do these feelings make us mentally ill? Why are men not diagnosed as mentally ill when they decide that they don't want to be in their child's life!!!? The role of raising a child is not meant for ONE person.. LADIES( as long as you're not harming your children) YOUR FEELINGS ARE VALID ❤️❤️.


5 May 2022

Good morning mamas, how are y’all feeling this morning?..let’s all have a wonderful day, an unbothered day, a stop your self in the mirror and slap you’re own ass day.. cause you a baddie,today tomorrow and the days going forward.. you a woman that walks with her head held high with your grown just right.♥️👑🦋🤞🏾☺️ much love, and baby dusT to us all trying. Have a wonderful healthy safe pregnancy for those of us that pregnant, and to the mamas that’s veterans, your doing a wonderful job mamas their is no handbook to raising your child you a super woman a strong woman a solider keep doing a wonderful job♥️🦋


17 Jan 2022

Is it just me or anybody else go through this go through this raising a child with a spouse but you feel by yourself...