12 Mar 2024

Educating your child without shouting

You don't have to raise your voice for the child to hear what you are asking or the idea you are trying to convey.

  • The more you yell, the more he will get used to expressing themselves in the same way. Lower your voice and you will find that they will do the same.
  • It is possible to educate a child with kindness and firmness without shouting.
  • There are books that help you defuse crises and manage conflicts among siblings.
  • To educate without shouting, you must also spend quality time with your child.
14 Jun 2022

One thing about me, I’m open to learn & I love knowledge & being aware. But educate without forcing your opinion. Because to be open minded doesn’t mean to be easily convinced. That’s where people tend to have me confused at.

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Yep offer your knowledge with love and compassion not bullying. We all have the right to do what's best for us. Teach, share, and most importantly congratulate
14 Jun 2022


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