2 Apr 2024

Early Signs of External Genitalia

Early Signs of External Genitalia
In the eleventh week of your pregnancy, an intriguing development unfolds—the early signs of external genitalia begin to emerge in your growing baby.
The Significance of External Genitalia Development
The emergence of external genitalia is a notable milestone in your baby's gender differentiation.
  • Sexual Identity: It marks the initial steps in defining your baby's biological sex.
  • Complex Process: The development of external genitalia is a complex process influenced by genetics and hormones.
Gender Differentiation
By week 11, your baby's gender is becoming more evident.
  • Male and Female Differentiation: The development of male and female external genitalia follows distinct pathways.
  • Genetic Influence: Genetic factors play a significant role in determining your baby's sex.
Male Development
In male fetuses, specific changes are occurring.
  • Scrotum and Penis: The scrotum and penis are starting to form.
  • Testes Descent: Testes, which initially develop near the kidneys, begin their descent into the scrotum.
Female Development
In female fetuses, unique changes are taking place.
  • Clitoral Formation: The clitoris, a counterpart to the male penis, is developing.
  • Labial Formation: Structures like the labia majora and labia minora begin to take shape.
Week 11 brings a captivating moment in your pregnancy journey as the early signs of external genitalia development become visible.
While this milestone provides insight into your baby's biological sex, it's essential to remember that gender identity is a complex and multifaceted aspect of human identity.
All I Need to Know
10 Apr 2023

I saw on the app that genitalia can be seen as early as 13 weeks on a Sono. How many of you got your results that way? How accurate is it?

That is correct....mines was accurate
27 Mar 2024


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