2 Apr 2024

Increasing Survival Rates Outside the Womb

Increasing Survival Rates Outside the Womb
In the twenty-third week of your pregnancy, your baby reaches a significant milestone as their chances of survival outside the womb continue to increase, marking an exciting step toward a world of possibilities.
The Significance of Survival Rates
The growing viability of your baby outside the womb is a testament to their strength and development.
  • Life Potential: Increasing survival rates mean that your baby has a better chance of thriving and fulfilling their life potential.
  • Medical Advances: Advances in medical care contribute to improved outcomes for premature babies.
Progress Toward Viability
During this week, your baby makes remarkable progress toward viability:
  • Lung Development: The lungs continue to mature, with the production of surfactant, a substance essential for breathing.
  • Organ Function: Organ systems, including the circulatory and nervous systems, become more capable of sustaining life.
  • Reflexes: Your baby exhibits reflexes necessary for survival, such as grasping and sucking.
Preparing for Possibilities
Acknowledge the importance of this milestone and prepare for the possibilities it brings:
  • Medical Guidance: Stay in close contact with your healthcare provider to monitor your baby's development and address any concerns.
  • Emotional Support: Lean on your support system, including family and friends, as you navigate the anticipation and excitement of impending parenthood.
  • Baby Essentials: Begin preparations for your baby's arrival by gathering necessary items, such as clothing, diapers, and a safe sleep environment.
Week 23 marks a significant juncture in your pregnancy journey as your baby's chances of survival outside the womb continue to rise.
This milestone is a testament to the remarkable progress your baby has made in their development.
All I Need to Know
10 Jan 2024

5 weeks and 5days today. Had a ultrasound early due to history of ectopic pregnancy. So once again they seen something in my left tube. 2019 it was on the left. 2021 in the right. Claiming 5% chance of survival considering it is so early in pregnancy. Dr said my #'s are increasing normally as of right now..no pain, no bleeding.... Just needing some good vibes. Can't do a medical abortion in KY unless 100% for sure it will harm the mother.. Asking for prayers and good vibes ✨️🙏

Sending prayers 🙏 Everything will work out the way God has it planned already. Be positive and if it happens to be that is the case then try again when you feel it’s the best time. I’m sending you positive wishes. Again everything will work out the way it’s already planned by God. 🙏
27 Mar 2024


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Danielle 🦦🪷
I hope baby makes their way to where they need to be. If this baby isn’t viable, are you able to do an hsg to open your tubes to give you a viable pregnancy?
27 Mar 2024


12 Jul 2022

Saw my little one jumping around until I was hit with the worst news. My baby has Anencephaly, and will not survive outside the womb causing me take the only option, terminate my pregnancy. My poor jumping bean, I am numb.

Praying for you 🙏🏾
27 Mar 2024


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27 Mar 2024


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