12 Mar 2024

The safety gate for cribs

When the baby is small, you don't have to worry too much about his safety while she sleeps.

  • The crib protects your baby from falling out.
  • But things get more complicated when you switch to a traditional bed.
  • Young children often move around a lot and fall out of bed.
  • To make the transition as smooth as possible, don't hesitate to equip your child's "big" bed with a safety gate.
  • It can be installed in an instant and requires no effort, but it can give you precious peace of mind at night.
  • And to top it all off, there are many different versions to match the design of the bed!
Evie’s Mommy 🌸
28 Nov 2022

Just a small vent, I appreciate all my family is trying to do for baby but everyone just wants to get the big things when I already have the big things, so I tell what I need, like bottles, baby care items, clothing, basic baby necessities and preference in brand when asked and they just don’t listen. The biggest argument has been about safety with my mom, especially surrounding sleep time. She will show me all this stuff she wants in baby’s crib and I explain to her suffocation hazards and what safe crib sleep looks like for baby and she argues with me because that’s not how she did things 25 years ago. It’s so frustrating that I put my baby’s safety as my priority and family wants to argue that with me.

Your baby your way. It can be very annoying but you just gotta put your foot down and say no. And I’d tell her also years and years ago cigarettes were okay to smoke during pregnancy now it isn’t. When my mom had my oldest sibling she smoked because the doctor literally said it was okay. The more stuff we learn though the more we see about what’s good and bad for our babies. So just cause many years ago it was fine doesn’t mean it actually was fine. Just means they didn’t know back then. So I’d tell her that honestly. A lot of my older aunts are the same way but I explain to them just like that. And they usually just shut up after.
28 Nov 2022


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Girl wouldnt even be an argument you can voice an opinion but final say is mine period so I wouldn't even stress that 😂
28 Nov 2022