24 May 2022

How to keep your baby safe?

As soon as the baby starts to move around the house, your main concern quickly becomes safety. Between the attractive hot plates, the pretty little holes in the electrical outlets, the stairs to climb, or the doors to open and close incessantly... Your house is a real paradise for this curious little one.

  • Except that if you don't pay enough attention, the baby can very quickly get hurt or even be the victim of a serious accident.
  • In fact, domestic accidents are the cause of the vast majority of hospitalizations for young children.
  • In short, making sure your baby is safe should be a priority even before the first steps.
  • But what are the main risks for a baby at home?
  • Falls are among the most important domestic risks, especially on the stairs.
  • It's not that hard to prevent them, you just have to invest in a nice safety gate.
  • The kitchen, as nice as it is, also presents many risks.
  • Between cupboard doors that can pinch or cut fingers, various sharp tools, products, hot plates that burn, or electrical outlets, the kitchen is at the top of the Top 10 dangers.
  • Doorstops, protective grills and plug covers are your best allies.
  • And what if, despite all your efforts, an accident still happens?
  • It is then essential to know how to act!
  • To do this, think about registering for a first aid course if you haven't already done so.
  • You can learn all the essential gestures to act in case of an accident while waiting for the help to arrive.
  • There's no need to say that ensuring the baby's safety is a job in itself!
  • But if you take the time to take stock of the situation and equip yourself with the right accessories, there's a good chance that your little one will be able to roam around peacefully without running the slightest risk!

In this article

Home safety: a priority


Colorful products, buttons, sockets, steps to climb... the house is full of temptations and dangers for your baby.

  • You might as well say that safety at home is an absolute priority from the moment the baby starts to move around.
  • The first thing to do to protect your little one is to go around the house and list the various potentially dangerous places for your child.
  • Then, head to your favorite baby store, which can offer you a wide range of accessories to turn your home into a perfectly safe playroom.

First aid, an essential training


Have you ever thought about learning first aid? Learning life-saving techniques such as cardiac massage or the recovery position is essential.

  • If you haven't already done so, the arrival of your baby is the perfect opportunity to take a first aid course.
  • Yes, with a child, the risks of accidents in the home are multiplied!
  • Choking on a piece of food that's a little too big for their little neck, getting electrocuted by putting their fingers in an outlet, having a bad fall...
  • Never underestimate your child's imagination when it comes to putting themselves in danger.
  • So ask your local community about upcoming first aid courses.