24 May 2022

Vaccination and teething: baby's first health appointments

During their first year of life, your baby will have to visit the pediatrician many times. This doctor specialized in the care of kids will monitor your little one's development and can give you precious advice on how to take care of your baby daily. Among the important appointments, let's focus on those dedicated to the first vaccination and the development of teeth.

  • Do you want to prepare your little one's first vaccination? First, you should know that if your child was born in 2018, the number of mandatory vaccinations has increased from 3 to 11. Don't panic, though! The first vaccination is the most difficult one. If everything goes well, you and your baby will go back for the rest of it with confidence and no apprehension.
  • Because you're a well-organized mom, you write everything down! To make sure you don't miss any appointments, you can refer to the vaccination calendar. This document, published and updated every year by the Ministry of Health, allows you to see at a glance the recommended ages for each vaccine. All the recommended vaccines are listed in the vaccination booklet. To keep this document, opt for a colorful health booklet cover.
  • When you go to the pediatrician, don't forget your child's favorite stuffed animal, it is a valuable ally in soothing your child in all circumstances.
  • In case of teething, the magic powers of the binky may not be enough. To reduce the pain, you can use a teething ring or acetaminophen, always asking the advice of your pediatrician or pharmacist beforehand.
  • Except in cases of severe pain or fever over 101,3 °F, the first baby tooth doesn't require a visit to the pediatrician. Starting around 6 months, teething can cause a variety of symptoms, from red cheeks to a (very) grumpy baby. Don't worry, it should only last a few days.