24 May 2022

Baby toilet and bath linen

Bath time is an important ritual that helps your baby feel comfortable and clean. It's also an opportunity to bond with your baby through touch and play. Bath time is a very special moment between a baby and mom or dad. What exactly will you need?

  • To ensure your newborn's proper hygiene, you will need to invest in towels specially adapted to the smallest babies, some products, and a bathtub.
  • For the latter, you'll have a choice of different models: free-standing, foldable, or inflatable.
  • Thanks to a thermometer, you will be able to easily take the temperature of the water, which should ideally be about 98 degrees.
  • A toiletry kit will allow you to store and take all the products you need for the hygiene of your little one with you: body creams and toilet powder, micellar water, wipes, or physiological serum, among others, will allow you to gently clean all parts of the body.
  • Since your child is very sensitive to temperature changes, you'll need to bring along a towel specially designed for babies, the main element of which is the bath cape, which is the perfect size to wrap and dry your child, while covering his head with the little hood.
  • Water, along with bath toys, stimulates a child's development, so make sure you get the things they can easily handle. When splashing around, little ones love to fill and empty containers!
  • USA manufacturing standards are listed on all product packaging, so you can refer to them or to the CPSC when you buy or ask if you're unsure.
  • As for toiletries and care products, a baby's fragile skin must be protected from chemicals and endocrine disruptors: don't hesitate to choose natural and organic ingredients.
  • The best thing is to anticipate the organization of the bath before the birth: a small bathroom reorganization will help you have everything at hand!

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The baby's wash: a moment of sharing


How do you groom your baby? Gently, of course, and preferably after the bath.

  • In addition to the bath, a few additional grooming gestures are necessary for your child's cleanliness: nose, ear, and face require some daily care.
  • Clean the face with a little water at 37 degrees, avoiding the eyes and nose.
  • To wash these fragile parts, use saline solution and dab gently with absorbent cotton.
  • For the ears, only take care of the auricles, if they are visibly dirty.
  • Make sure to dry all the cleaned areas.

Bath linens for babies


What does your newborn need to dry off and feel comfortable after a bath? Here are the essentials of a baby's bath kit:

  • The bath cape, also known as a bathrobe, offers ideal dimensions to dry your child and keep him warm after washing.
  • A cross between a square towel and a bathrobe, it's wraparound and has a hood.
  • You can complete your outfit with a soft glove, but it's not mandatory. Your baby will prefer the contact of your hand on the skin.