24 May 2022

Baby clothes: how to choose them well?

Choosing your baby's clothes is not an easy task when you're a young mother. With babies growing so fast and children's fashion evolving just as fast as adults', it's easy to feel lost. What to pack before going to the maternity ward? What size to pick and what kind of clothes to buy? Here are the answers to all your questions.

  • For the maternity ward, pack a few onesies. If you don't know the sex of your child yet, choose mixed clothes in plain colors or with neutral prints.
  • Before considering the aesthetic aspect of a garment, focus on its qualities. It must be easy to wash, comfortable, and quick to put on and take off. For an infant, select one-piece pajamas made of soft and breathable materials. For an easy slip-on, this kind of onesie has a snap opening.
  • As the baby grows, the quality of the clothing and shoes is essential. They must be able to accompany your intrepid little adventurer in all kinds of new experiences. Forget the zippered sweater or the pants with snaps between the legs and opt for practical pieces: wide pants with elastic waist, leggings, vest …
  • Finding the right size can be a real headache, as each brand has its own system. Here's a tip: rely more on the size in pounds than in months. Don't try to get a good deal by buying for the next season. That cute little dress you fell in love with might be too short by the time you need it.
  • A baby's wardrobe can quickly become more expensive than a fashionista's if you're not careful. To treat yourself without breaking the bank, buy all the basics (onesies, short and long sleeve t-shirts, socks, underwear…) in the children's department of major brands such as H&M, La Redoute, La Halle… You'll be able to complete them with fun fashion pieces chosen from specialized stores.