24 May 2022

The child's sleep at 2 years old

By the time your toddler is two years old, he or she is a regular nighttime sleeper, but sometimes refuses to go to bed!

  • To get your little one into good habits, stick to a daily bedtime routine: tooth brushing, story time, cuddling and a blanket, for example.
  • If your child sometimes protests about going to bed, spend some time with him before he falls asleep, but be firm about the fact that he needs to stay in bed.
  • At this age, daytime naps are often appropriate, in the early afternoon so as not to delay bedtime.

Vanessa Pierson
2 Sep 2022

So my oldest daughter who was just killed by a drunk driver is having her memorial service next Saturday and I was just talking to my fiancé about it last night n every night before that yet today he texts me that he forgot n took OT at work Saturday n Sunday 6am-2:30pm her service is 11am-2pm n we only have one car he will have at work so I will have to go pregnant with my 2 year old alone in a Uber to her service I’m furious I don’t think I can forgive him for this I turned off all the cameras in the house n blocked his cell phone number from texting or calling my phone so he then talks over the speakers in the house n says “I told my boss I can’t do Saturday so u can stop turning off the cameras n throwing a fit I’ll b there” but I don’t think I want him to go with us now the fact he agreed to take the OT was enough to show me how I can’t count on him n then I started to think about when I broke my ankle carrying Brielle in her car seat on the steps I had to call my daughter who passed to take me to drs apps n help me with her sister n then I thought about how in an emergency I don’t bother calling him n I always made excuses for him but honestly it’s just not right ur partner should be the one person u should always be able to count on n I just put my 2 year old down for a nap n I’m sitting here sobbing n crying I just don’t think I can ever get past this I’m so hurt n I don’t want to make any rash decisions but I don’t know if I will be able to get over this EVER


14 Aug 2022

This pregnancy insomnia really sucks and my nocturnal panic attacks waking up between 1 to 4 times throughout the night with a panic attack is very scary especially when you don't have anybody to talk to because if I wake my fiance up he will get mad even if I let him take an hour or 2 nap everyday and I don't even take any naps which sucks we also have a 4 year old daughter and a 19 month old son and soon to be new born baby boy in a week or 2 ill be 37 weeks on Wednesday i lost my mucus plug at 35 weeks and if he don't come on his own the Dr is gonna call me and set up an induction date at 39 weeks I just wish my fiance was more supportive and helps me with the kids more and let's me rest and take naps and soak in the bath tub....I'm just venting....


20 Jun 2022

Just feeling some type of way. My boyfriend is pissed because after I nurse the baby during the night I fall asleep with him in my arms. I don't do it on purpose I be tired. I'm up with my 3 week old about 3 times a night and dont get to nap during the day because I have a 2 year old and other things to do while he sleeps all night. He saying idgaf bout putting the baby in danger and the fact he doesn't like it but I'm not this is my 4th child I kno what I'm doing but he making me feel like I'm a terrible mother. He says I need to sit up during feedings and not lay back down till baby is sleep and back in his bassinet. Not to mention everything else financially going on because of freaking identity theft. I'm just trying not to fall into some type of depression but it looks like that's where I'm headed. Sorry for the long post.


13 Jan 2022

I have a question my 2 year old son just woke up from a nap and his eyes r puffy like he is having a allergic reaction to something has anybody else had an issue like that before? He's eating all his normal foods that he eats all the time


3 Jan 2022

I have 2 year old girl who not take a nap