24 May 2022

When baby sleeps during the day

Should you be concerned if your baby has a tendency to confuse day and night?

  • Just after birth, your baby is not aware of the alternation between day and night, and sleeps intermittently and wakes up to eat.
  • With your help, he will gradually get used to sleeping through the night, until he sleeps through the night. Give them some time!
  • When your newborn sleeps during the day, avoid total darkness and create a soft glow so that he gradually makes the connection between being awake and the light of day.
17 Nov 2022

How do y’all put your newborns to bed at night my baby is kinda fussy around this time but sleeps well during the day ? Any suggestions are appreciated .


23 Sep 2022

Im tired of getting absolutely no help. The most his father does is mix a bottle for him and maybe feed him once a day if that. He throws a fit if I ask him to feed him and I feel like I'm burdening him when I ask if I can take a shower and have him watch him. I know he didnt want a baby but here we are dealing with what we were dealt and its not like I can take back time... he picked him up today and went omg hes so heavy, like yea thats what happens when you dont tend to your child in 2 weeks... I've been getting 3 hours of sleep a night if I'm lucky and he just goes and sleeps in the other room all day and all night if he doesn't work. So I'm alone in the bedroom with baby, our internet is unpaid so I dont have TV or anything to distract me. I feel like I'm losing it rn..


13 Sep 2022

My baby boy has been sleeping less during the day recently only 1 hour or 2 the most and he sleeps Maybe 3 to 5 hours at night yay we making progress of getting mommy a little bit more sleep 🫠


27 Jul 2022

Seems like my baby sleeps better and longer after spending some time outside in fresh air during the day, second time trying this out and he been ko for almost 5 hours!


30 Jun 2022

Work from home mamas!!! How do you do it?? I’m feeling so stressed and sad because here I am applying for work at home jobs and I have no idea how I am supposed to take care of a baby and be on the phone the whole day talking to customers ? Training also requires me to be on camera for up to 3 weeks. How ?? How am I supposed to do it? My boyfriend works overnight and sleeps during the day so it’s up to me to take care of baby and I have no one else that can watch her. I just want to be able to support my family and help my boyfriend pay the bills and also have financial independency. I can’t even complete assessments when applying because baby needs my attention. I am desperate for a job, a break, a chance, some good things to come my way but I have no idea how to manage work with a baby.


11 Jun 2022

I have one very active baby boy it’s like he never sleeps. He kicks around all day and I’m like is that normal lol because my first son didn’t move as much as he does.


22 May 2022

my boyfriend is working nights now so i am up at home with my baby. but i’m also up during the day so he can sleep. and yes my baby sleeps pretty well at night but i struggle to sleep when he’s not here. we’ve been together every night for 2 years so an empty bed is so lonely. he gets off at 5 but has an hour drive home. hopefully when we move into our new house i’ll have a better time sleeping seeing it’s in a nicer area and five min from his work.


27 Jan 2022

My baby sleeps more during the day but refused to stay sleep around 3Am what can I do


20 Jan 2022

I’m a ftm and I need some opinions. My baby just turned 3 months old and he has been staying up all day maybe sleeps an hour during the day he is a very active baby, but he fights his sleep so bad. It’s 1am and he’s awake fighting it… what could I do to stop that and to help him sleep maybe? I’ve tried a warm bath and a warm bottle and nothing is helping. It’s every night.. I’ve never had trouble With him doing this. Not even when he was a newborn ..


6 Jan 2022

Hello! My baby is currently 7 weeks he sleeps perfectly fine during the day but at night its a struggle to get him to fall asleep he will be constantly grunting and moving how did u get ur babies to fall asleep at night !?