24 May 2022

Baby's sleep: how does it work?

When it comes to sleep, your baby will need loads of patience and calming rituals to help them fall asleep peacefully.

  • Your newborn's sleep cycles are much shorter than yours, and they spend more time in REM sleep, which is essential for their extraordinary brain development.
  • The quality of their sleep will depend on several factors: their internal clock as well as external conditions, such as light and external stimuli.
  • As soon as your baby begins to develop certain time habits, don't hesitate to establish a soothing daily routine.
12 Nov 2022

🤔Dose anyone else 9 day old baby sleep better on there stomach at night or is it just my baby 👧


14 Oct 2022

Ladies need help My baby sleep more in the day 😕 At night he’s awake Try to Wake up my baby during the day DO U MOMMYS HAVE A SCHEDULE FOR UR BABIES it’s so hard staying up night time Sleep only 4 hours Any tips


2 Oct 2022

Time for work ! It’s 4:34 am . I’m literally tired 😴 & my hips are killing me . Plus baby was up alllllllll night long kicking. People say baby sleep 95% of the time ? Uhm lies seem like my baby is up 90% of the time . 🤷‍♀️ As soon as I start talking he wakes up .


29 Sep 2022

First time moms to be. Here’s some advice for you. Make sure you get as much rest as you can while pregnant. When baby comes, that’s it! No sleep for you.😩😆 But it’s ok, because it’s all worth it. I’m so in love with my baby. And sleep is getting better. You have to sleep when baby sleeps. Congrats to all the first time moms and all the moms to be.


10 Sep 2022

I'm sorry I haven't been on I've been exhausted and busy and stressed...I swear men disgust me how they act...I am exhausted and come home hoping to sleep and be up with the be up with the baby when he gets up but my man made so much noise and then the baby woke up and he blamed me for talking to him when he was the one opening doors and walking back and forth and talking too..he let the baby sleep all day and thanked God for a easy day but leave me with a difficult night... cuz his leg hurts him but he refuses to get help makes excuses says he still doesn't have insurance even tho I've been asking him for 2 years to get it.he wouldn't go if he had it either and he barely cleans up but cares for the baby while I'm working so thats a lot but I miss important milestones while I'm away very upsetting and don't get to be home ..and I dont mind working but I'm the only one and it's been this way such a long time and he blames me for that but it was his choice...sighs and he could at least show care for me he hasn't done that since he "got" me. No motivation and lies about how our relationship would be and thats he only reason I chose to be with him bt its nothing like he said it would be and I feel overwhelmed doing all I can and because the house isn't spotless he complains tho I'm not home 10hrs a day and take baby when I get home and do a few chores everyday run all the errands cook usually one meal most days but its not enough to him tho he barely does chores and laughs at me when I mention any of these things and calls me a bitch for talking "shit" but its the truth...yes sometimes he let's me sleep in the morning which is nice and sometimes I don't do much when I get home besides baby care but that is maybe once a week and yet he calls me out on stuff I don't do...I'm not a robot and at least I get shit done...he makes excuses and never does anything his license expired months ago I've given him money for it and he still doesn't go get it...makes excuses why he can't too.. I tell him take a bus if u have to but still has not... u do what u got to but he would rather not.. AND ABOVE ALL ELSE BE MPTOVATED FOR YOUR CHILD!!! He says he isn't and its because of me but he never was motivated he pretended to be then stopped soon after he "got" me and I try to tell him there's reasons why I argue or talk like this because how he is making me a feel and instead of telling me im wrong and saying you'll leave and acting like im the asshoke understand my feelings are valid and I'm saying these things for a reason and maybe it sounds like im putting you down I don't mean to but I'm fucking exhausted I have two children almost just about it feels like and instead of working through it figuring out a solution that works for both of us it feels like u only think about u and I'm left drowning in all the responsibility and problems and somehow I'm also the problem...itd be easier without him at this rate..like be responsible IF NOT FOR ME FOR OUR BABY FOR HIM AND THERES NO EXCUSE NOT TO BE FOR HIM


20 Aug 2022

Who else baby has to sleep under them ?? Like right under yes my baby sleep with me because all my kids did and their mine ion do cribs ‼️🙃 Gm


3 Jul 2022

Omg my daughter is a mover do she even get to sleep? Baby is moving inside of me 24/7 lol as soon I close my eyes I can’t sleep for 2 minutes she will kick me all day lol. My last ultrasound she was laying on her side in my belly lol.


4 Jun 2022

Can’t sleep baby doing a thousand in my tummy and plus these contractions ain’t no joke. I didn’t feel them with my first but I’m feeling them now lord. I’m not in labor still sitting here


28 Jan 2022

What are some ways yall help your baby sleep, I have an almost 4 month old and has been so fussy and not wanting to sleep. He usually sleeps through the night but now he has been so bad about it. He did just get his shots, could that be it?


4 Jan 2022

How long do you let your baby sleep between eating? How much should she eat? She sometimes eats 1 oz and sometimes 4-5oz. My little girl is 2 months old.