24 May 2022

Baby's nap at 2 months

From the age of 2 months, your baby's daytime sleep pattern changes a little: he sleeps less, but still needs their naps.

  • After 2 months, your newborn needs about an hour less sleep, that is, about 15 hours instead of 16 hours, divided between day and night.
  • Two naps of about 2.5 hours are common, but each child has their own rhythm - it could just as easily be 5 naps of 45 minutes!
  • An infant can never oversleep, so let him rest as much as he needs.
3 Oct 2022

I think I did to much walking yesterday. Went to breakfast then took a nap. Went to park walked 2 laps. Went to Burlington and got baby 4 outfits then went to dd's discount and got me 3 outfits now on my actual birthday I'm tired 😴


29 Sep 2022

Some of these questions up here yall need to be asking your OB or Pediatrician. Wemoms: "I fell down 2 flights of stairs will my baby be ok" Wemom "Drs": "Just take a nap you'll be fine" Me: "GO TO THE FCKN DOCTOR" 🙄🙄 Puting yourself and your child at risk because yall don't want to make a phone call or take a ride 😫😫


23 Sep 2022

Well damn. This why I be stuck on the phone all day and why I don't really scroll the home feed. I been on here since 530 just going thru my notification bar. It took me 2 hrs! 12 hrs of notifications cuz I went to bed early 🤦‍♀️ now it's light out. I am taking a nap today I ain't playing wit yall lol


2 Sep 2022

Kind of annoyed cause I sent my son to his nanny’s house for the day because she wanted him because I needed some rest (It was either Monday or today and she chose today because she had the day off and could stay home with him) she came and got him later than she said she was and when her daughter (20) asked if she was still getting him her response was hesitant and said “I guess…” 😒 like what do you mean you guess?? This was planned since last Sunday! So an hour after they were gone, I saw she posted on Facebook that she was out with friends so most likely she had her daughter babysit while she went out… okay Ig… 🤷🏽‍♀️ so 2 hours into my nap, my fiancé called me and said his mom called him and asked him to come get the baby cause she wanted to go out… how does she think 5 hours is enough for me to get some rest?? And I was only able to sleep 2 hours of that 🙄 like if you didn’t want him today cause you wanted to run around with your girls, you should’ve just said that and saved me the time and stress smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ and what gets me is I didn’t ask her to watch him for the day, she’s always the one asking!


29 Aug 2022

Hey mommas hope ur all good..today it makes 5 weeks post partum for me..Day before yesterday I stopped bleeding and had discharge for 2 days n today when I was taking a nap earlier I woke up with my panty liner filled with blood again n now I'm confused if I got my period..can anyone help me if they experienced that n ended up not having their period the same month..if u know what I mean..🤔🤷‍♀️


24 Aug 2022

Got off work lastnight at 10:30pm. Cuddled with my fiancé on the couch for about 45 minutes until he started snoring in my ear. Woke him up so we could go lay down in bed, and I woke up hot af sweating so bad even with the blankets off me. It’s currently 6:30 and I’ve only slept about 3 hours. Looks like imma need a nap today before work at 2🙄🙄😭 also 29w and 4d


23 Jan 2022

I really need some advice so today my 2 month old daughter was diagnosed with apnea after she stopped breathing during a nap and a doctor finally took me serious.. so with her apnea I haven't been sleeping at night and now for the 3 night in a row my daughter has spit up in her sleep and started choking on it.. she does sleep next to me but she is on her own couch cushion with the harder bassinet pad under her.. I'm starting to really worry that the one time I go to sleep she is gonna aspirate. What can I do please ( she doesn't see her doctor til the 3rd and I can't get in any sooner)