24 May 2022

The many advantages of the glass baby bottle

Odorless, easy to clean, heat resistant... The glass bottle has many advantages that appeal to moms for their baby's meals.

  • In fact, the glass bottle remains an ideal ally for baby meals.
  • Resistant, it supports all sterilization processes, whether cold or hot.
  • Today, many glass bottles are isothermal, to maintain the liquid at the right temperature.
  • However, even though it resists scratches and external aggressions, the glass bottle can break and be dangerous if it falls.
  • In addition to this, it's heavier than plastic ones and less easy to handle for babies.
3 Nov 2022

Ok so quick update since I’ve calmed down now 😩. So the Dr said that they are going to run the nipt test again to see if the results are the same as before ( showing the girl chromosome) if so then the chances that I’m having triplets is extremely high and she is just hiding behind one of the other babies. Also i was told that they we’re fraternal but today they found out that even though they have their own placentas and sacs they are identical boys. Sooo inclusion y’all pray for me I’m either having identical twin boys or triplets two boys and a girl. 😳 I just know that I’m packing a bottle and a shot glass in my Hospital bag when it’s time cause these kids have accomplished to drive me crazy ALREADY 😩🤣