24 May 2022

The importance of bottle-feeding from birth

Small stomach, small mouth, small appetite... In the first weeks of life, the baby is fragile! It is therefore recommended to adapt the feeding bottle to the quantities which will be drunk.

  • For the infant, the material of the bottle does not matter much: plastic or glass, you can choose depending on your preferences because the baby cannot hold it or break it yet.
  • The nipple choice will be the most important: rubber or silicone, with a valve adapted against colic and regurgitation, for the baby's well-being.
  • The advice is to buy two or three different shapes and materials so that the baby can choose the one that suits him.
  • In terms of capacity, 120-milliliter bottles will suffice, but you should always have six or seven so that you always have a clean, sterilized bottle.
14 Nov 2022

I’m having a hard time packing my hospital bag… I bought the fridamom kit but I believe the hospital I’m giving birth at provides the stuff I need I know I still need the peri bottle 🥴I don’t wanna over pack or under pack 😩


1 Sep 2022

My baby is a week old and she has having issues latching.. She seems to prefer the bottle and idk what to do. There were issues with birth so she was in NICU for 1 1/2 days so she was on formula. She seems to get more out of formula than me. Idk what I can do to get her to nurse from me and be full..


17 Aug 2022

I'm 6 days out of delivery and two nights ago things changed. Baby girl was doing so good with breastfeeding until then she latched 5min after birth and had been ever since. Well I decided to pump a bottle for dad to feed her and it's like she won't latch anymore after that. I feel defeated. I have yet to sleep any since her birth I am running on fumes and all I can do is cry. I don't want to feel like this because I do feel tremendous love for my daughter. I have breastfeed all of my kids and I don't understand why she is rejecting me. I am literally sitting on the floor a 4:52 am bawling because of lack of sleep and my daughter decided she doesn't want to latch to my nipple anymore. My husband is every understanding but it's never something I can make clear to him it's a bond that only a mother can have and I don't want to miss it! These hormones are on the fritz when does it get better.


23 Jul 2022

So I'm 2 months post partum and my fiance and I had sex and the condom broke. (I'm waiting on my birth control to arrive at the pharmacy) and I'm terrified I'm gonna end up pregnant again. I did a rinse with the peri bottle inside but am still afraid. Please what do I do? My birth was traumatic and my heart went to 278bpm and the doctors are afraid if I have another baby right away it'll kill me.


10 Jul 2022

So my husband and I had a fight. He wanted me to start pumping again because he thinks our 2 week old will sleep longer intervals if he got a bottle than breastfeeding. Now after birth my baby had jaundice and was sleeping a lot more than usual to the point where I had to wake him to eat. So I gave him the bottle. Now that his jaundice is gone he’s more awake and alert. He wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat at night though the difference now is that I breastfeed. Is he right that bottle feeding will have him sleeping longer or is it the fact that his jaundice is gone that’s playing a role on why he’s waking up 2-3 hrs. Because I swear he thinks I’m always wrong.


27 Jun 2022

On the birth plan, do you tell them you want to bottle feed instead of breastfeed?