24 May 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles

Choosing your baby's future feeding bottle is not an easy task! There are many criteria to choose from, including capacity, nipple, and material. What about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic feeding bottles?

  • Unbreakable and light, the plastic bottle is often preferred to the glass bottle.
  • Its soft walls allow a better grip for the baby, who can press lightly to manage the feeding pace.
  • However, unlike glass, plastic bottles scratch easily, can become opaque after several uses, and are less resistant to sterilization.
  • If you choose a plastic bottle, be aware that those containing Bisphenol A are banned from sale in some countries.
6 Jan 2022

Has any one decided to keep in anybody jewelry? I'm 23 weeks and 6 days and I decided to keep my nipple rings I just keep buying bigger ones, due to the plastic ones aren't as durable nor reliable and you have to change them every 3 months due to the plastic can lead to infection. I still haven't decided if I want to breastfeed or bottle feed my baby yet so I'm just curious really. I know if I breastfeed I'll have to take them out regardless and if I decided to bottle feed I'll have to take them out to pump milk so it's 50/50 either way it goes any suggestions.