2 Apr 2024

Your Baby Knows How To Swallow!

Your Baby Knows How To Swallow!
At 26 weeks of pregnancy, your little one is rapidly growing and undergoing essential developments to prepare for life outside the womb.
One remarkable milestone during this stage is their swallowing practice, which plays a crucial role in their healthy lung development.
Let's take a closer look at this amazing process and how it contributes to your baby's well-being.
Swallowing Practice: Building Strong Lungs
  • As your baby continues to grow, they practice the important skill of swallowing amniotic fluid in the womb.
  • This act is far more than just a reflex; it serves a vital purpose in their lung development.
  • The swallowed amniotic fluid helps to stimulate the growth and maturation of the respiratory system, preparing their lungs for the moment they take their first breaths in the outside world.
Nutrient Absorption and Digestive System
  • Apart from aiding lung development, the amniotic fluid also plays a role in nurturing your baby through nutrient absorption.
  • Your baby's digestive system is continuously growing and developing, preparing them to process breast milk or formula once they are born.
  • The nutrients from the amniotic fluid are absorbed through their intestines, ensuring that your baby is nourished and growing healthily.
Hiccup Sensations and Muscle Coordination
  • While practicing swallowing, your baby may also experience hiccup sensations. These gentle hiccups are often felt by expectant mothers and are entirely normal.
  • Hiccupping allows your baby to enhance their muscle coordination and strengthen their diaphragm, which is essential for breathing after birth.
  • These rhythmic movements also provide a comforting sensation and reassurance that your baby is developing well.
Bonding with Your Baby-To-Be
  • As you feel your baby move and experience their hiccups, it is an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your baby-to-be.
  • Talking, singing, or gently touching your belly can create a sense of connection and comfort for both you and your little one.
  • Embrace this special time of pregnancy, cherishing the moments of closeness with your growing baby.
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Bone 040506
13 Sep 2023

I am trying to come terms that I may never get my rainbow baby and it's a very hard pill I'm trying to swallow 😞😢

Don't give up it will happen ❤️ just keep the faith
27 Mar 2024


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It will happen, I know it's defeating... prayers for you ♡
27 Mar 2024


12 Apr 2023

Does anyone else’s 4 week old forget how to swallow? She just ends up wearing her bottle of milk

Usually that's because the baby is full and no longer wants the bottle
27 Mar 2024


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23 Aug 2022

I have had the weirdest craving while being pregnant…. Baby powder😩 I love to chew it I don’t swallow it I spit it out

My sister eats baby powder aall the time she had four kids but even after birth she still eats it
27 Mar 2024


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Girl that could be dangerous even if u spitting it out u still ingesting a lot of it
27 Mar 2024


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