2 Apr 2024

Lungs Begin to Practice Breathing Movements

Lungs Begin to Practice Breathing Movements
In the thirteenth week of your pregnancy, a remarkable development takes place—the lungs of your baby begin to practice breathing movements.
The Significance of Breathing Movements
The initiation of breathing movements is a pivotal step in preparing your baby for life outside the womb.
Respiratory Readiness: These practice breaths help the lungs prepare for their crucial role in oxygen exchange.
Early Breathing Movements
During this week, your baby's respiratory system starts to flex its muscles.
Diaphragm: The diaphragm, the primary muscle for breathing, begins contracting and relaxing.
Challenges in Breathing Movement Practice
Breathing movements typically follow a regular pattern, but variations can occur.
Positioning: The baby's position in the womb can impact the ease of practicing these movements.
Week 13 is an exciting time in your pregnancy journey as your baby's lungs begin to practice breathing movements.
These early breaths are essential for preparing the respiratory system for the outside world.
All I Need to Know
25 Jul 2023

I may be getting induced due to baby not moving for ultrasound and doing practice breathing. I been on the nst monitor and she started moving after 40 mins but they are saying if she doesn’t move at the next one they would recommend me to be induced and because she was iugr. Anything that work to induce naturally?

Don’t worry eat dark chocolate
27 Mar 2024


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Definitely eat and drink something sweet, that normally gets baby moving.
27 Mar 2024


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