2 Apr 2024

The Eyes and Ears Move into Position

The Eyes and Ears Move into Position
In the sixteenth week of your pregnancy, your baby's development continues with the exciting movement of the eyes and ears into their proper positions.
The Significance of Eye and Ear Movement
The movement of the eyes and ears into position is essential for your baby's sensory development.
  • Visual and Auditory Perception: Proper positioning sets the stage for your baby to eventually perceive light and sound.
  • Facial Development: The placement of the eyes and ears contributes to the overall facial structure.
Eye Movement
During this week, your baby's eyes are making significant progress.
  • Eyelids: The eyelids, which have been fused shut until now, are starting to separate.
  • Positioning: The eyes are gradually moving from the sides of the head to the front, where they will stay.
Ear Movement
Your baby's ears are also undergoing essential changes.
  • Positioning: The ears are shifting into their final positions on the sides of the head.
  • Hearing Development: As the ears move, your baby's ability to hear and distinguish sounds improves.
Week 16 is an exciting time in your pregnancy journey as your baby's eyes and ears move into their proper positions.
These developments are crucial for sensory perception and facial structure.
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7 Feb 2023

Do you think they will move position like I'm hoping not . They have head down feet up . And hopefully if they stay like this I won't have to get the c-section

I heard the baby’s do not get into birthing position until the last couple weeks
27 Mar 2024


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I would say your baby is going to be in every position! Upside down, sideways moving every which direction until you are close to having your baby!
27 Mar 2024


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