24 May 2022

Brother and sister

The relationship between a brother and sister evolves over time but lasts a lifetime.

  • By sharing a common history within the family, a brother and sister can develop a lasting bond, or on the contrary, clash.
  • The bond between siblings is not static and goes through different phases, and is conditioned by many factors: relationship with parents, family atmosphere, personality, life moments...
  • Sometimes, in order to take over from a deficient parent, the brother or sister may feel a desire to protect the other.
26 Oct 2022

Thank you God for us making it to our second trimester 💙🙏🏽🌈🤰🏻 and thank you to you’re brother / sister in heaven for sending us you🤍 We love you so much baby boy & cannot wait to see you 🥹💙 #Blessedparents #Boymom #Amen


22 Oct 2022

So my 3 year old keeps asking to see her brother or sister and i tell her not yet that the babys in mommys belly but she dont understand why she cant see the baby lol. How else can i explain it to her


22 Sep 2022

So I'm a little concerned. My son who is 5 just started this yesterday... he's been saying things like my brothers pillow, blanket, or dog. I am not pregnant nor have I ever had a miscarriage. But tonight scared me a bit. My husband used their bathroom and my son was asleep. But when my husband went by his door and saw that he had woke up and started crying saying he wanted his brother. All I heard from our laundry room was mommy. He only has an older sister and a younger sister. He has never done this before. We had asked them months ago if they wanted a brother or sister but that was 3-4 months ago. Any advice as to what's going on would be appreciated.


25 Aug 2022

Im 38 weeks today and its the same thing as last week im having 7 and a half minute apart contractions and im 2cm to 3cm dialated and 70% effaced she said my cervix is very thin and the dr don't think I'll make it to my induction date on the 5th at 7am which is also my 27th birthday....im gonna pack my hospital bag tomorrow though just incase I go next Wednesday for my last ultrasound and my last baby drs appointment im.suler excited I can't wait until my baby boy is here so his daddy and his big sister and big brother can meet him 👶👣🍼💙


7 Aug 2022

How’s everyone doing.. i just left the emergency i had a abscess on my neck never had one before its was so painful for them to cut me open but i feel much better but they was concerned of my heart rate being high they checked on baby to and his heart rate was low again 😔 he still a wiggle warm which is a good sign i see the doc next week i pray every day my lil man is fighting his brother or sister is gone but he still pushing his big sister is ready for him to come and i am to..


29 Jul 2022

I’m so sick of my family and y’all will probably think I’m dramatic but I’m tired of it All the time my mom or my sisters will go out to eat and will get my other sister and brother soemthing to eat or will buy food for them 2 and literally they never ask me if I want something NEVER and will just eat right in front of me I’m sorry but if ur just gna bring home food and buy others food and not me and then eat right in front of me how Tf do they think that makes me feel? I’m literally pregnant I just feel like it’s the respectful thing to do or ATLEAST ask. No body caters to me and I’m not saying I need special treatment but like it’d nice once in a while If they ever get pregnant they’re gonna know exactly how I felt my whole pregnancy


12 Jun 2022

This girl that my fiance used to talk to just told me that my brother and sister in law told her my fiance said if she had given him a chance he would have gotten with her and stayed with her. We were broken up when he and she were talking and I could tell that he was falling for her, but he took me back. Why would he do that then tell my family that he basically regrets it? I feel so broken rn. If it weren't for my kids I would be doing some dumb shit rn.


22 May 2022

Anyone have a dog that’s going to be a big sister/brother? How are you preparing them for the baby? 🐶


2 Jan 2022

I swear I think after this one it gonna be a long time before I look to have another one at least thank God I will experience the first one so he or she better don't come asking for no brother or sister when he or she gets older 😂😂


16 Dec 2021

I'm having blood work and a ultrasound done tomorrow and I'm so nervous, all I want is to have a healthy pregnancy. My last pregnancy in December 2021 ended in a missed miscarriage at 8wks. My daughter is currently 8yrs old have been asking why she doesn't have a brother or sister yet 😞