24 May 2022

Relationships with or without siblings

Whether you have an only child or a large sibling, the relationships are very different depending on whether you have one child or several toddlers. It is very important to act according to the particular needs of each situation so that your child(ren) can grow up in the best conditions.

  • An only child tends to think that they are the center of the world because they have all the attention of their parents. It is important that you help them to socialize quickly by putting your child in contact with other children, as in the nursery, or by enrolling them in collective activities.
  • Siblings can be heaven or hell! Children may squabble regularly, but they are also there for each other. They have memories to share together and can reminisce about mischief or highlights.
  • Siblings involve children in sharing parental attention, gifts, or food. The only child must understand that sharing is important with others.
  • Siblings will tend to mature less quickly than an only child, and they keep themselves in childhood by talking together rather than always being with adults.
  • In some countries, there are grants for large families to help with expenses.
  • Both situations have advantages. Siblings help you understand that there are many of you and that you can count on others during a time of sadness or anger. On the other hand, the only child will not be subjected to the taunting or teasing of siblings.
  • Older siblings have a role to play for younger siblings.
  • In the midst of a sibling group, one must succeed in finding one's place, imposing oneself, and expressing one's own personality without being smothered by the siblings.
  • The only child does not have to worry about the jealousy that siblings often experience.
  • If you want to go on vacation with a large family, you will have to be very careful and use a lot of tricks to prepare everything. There are some good deals to get discounts.

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What to know about the only child?


You have only one child and you are afraid of making them too exclusive? The only child is often criticized, but their solitary education is not a weakness!

  • You must be aware that by having only one child, you will be focusing your attention and love on one person.
  • The only child often feels secure and powerful.
  • It's a good idea to let your child socialize quickly so that they can learn to detach from you in a peaceful way.
  • Think about distancing yourself and introducing your child to other children.

Large family: happiness at stake?


How do you know if you're ready for a large family? Having a large family has many benefits... but it takes organization!

  • Large families generally have to operate more efficiently and learn to do more with less.
  • They need to have a large home and a large vehicle, they have to put more food on the table, shopping is more frequent and budgeting can become a real headache in some cases!
  • Large families also offer advantages: children learn sociability and solidarity early on.
  • To support them financially, social aid has been created.

Brothers and sisters


As the song says, you don't choose your family. A source of joy for some, siblings can also complicate your life!

  • Getting along with siblings is more a matter of luck than choice.
  • Nevertheless, siblings can play a unique role in our lives. By sharing an experience very similar to yours, they are able to understand a lot about you.
  • Unfortunately, sibling relationships can also be a source of conflict. Sometimes one child is favored over another and competition ensues.