24 May 2022

How to help the mom after delivery?

This is a question that should be in the mind of the future dad, but also concerns all the support system of the parents -to-be! And yet, the mother often takes a back seat after the birth, everyone has eyes only for this new baby. So, how can a new mom be helped in the discovery of her new life?

  • First, it is important to keep in mind that, as well as it may go, childbirth is tough both physically and mentally.
  • Your body has given a lot of energy during 9 months, even more so during childbirth, and fatigue is often intense in the days following the birth of your baby.
  • One of the first things a young mother needs is support.
  • An ear to talk to, a person to take care of your baby for a few moments during the day, time for a nap or to take a shower, a home-cooked meal to get your strength back… Many small things can help you in the days following the birth.
  • Do you feel like crying all the time? Do you feel like you have to be happy but can't? It's likely that baby blues are a part of your daily life. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. It's a phenomenon linked to the hormonal drop and, in most cases, you'll regain your serenity in just a few days.
  • The people around you have an important role to play, and their support is more important than ever.
  • Helping the young mother also means being present, listening to her, and allowing her to vent or express her fears without judgment.
  • Finally, while everyone thinks of bringing a small gift to the baby to celebrate the birth, it is rare that the mother receives many gifts!
  • However, with all the efforts and sacrifices necessary to bring a child into the world, the young mother deserves a little treat.
  • A treat, a small gift, a massage, a jewel, or even a simple bouquet of flowers will make her feel important and help her settle into her new role as a mom.

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Everything for the well-being of the mother!


No false modesty: when you've just given birth, you're exhausted, so you'd better think about your well-being.

  • Make sure you have some down time when Daddy is looking after your baby.
  • Sleep when your little one is napping, so you can get over the fatigue faster.
  • Reclaim your body by treating yourself, ideally in a salon or at home if you don't have enough time to be pampered.
  • And finally, don't hesitate to put daddy to work: breakfast in bed, a nap, a hot bath... any occasion is good to think about your well-being and take care of yourself after the birth of your baby.

Is maternity leave systematic?


First of all, don't worry, everyone is entitled to maternity leave!

  • All you need to do is to have been registered with the Social Security for at least 10 months and... to be pregnant, of course.
  • Maternity leave is divided into two periods: the prenatal phase, before the arrival of the baby, and the postnatal phase, to take care of your little one and recover from the birth.
  • A few simple steps will allow you to assert your rights and you will be compensated according to your pre-leave salary.
  • A real breath of fresh air that will allow you to take advantage of your baby and to find your own way to organize your family.

What gifts to celebrate the birth of a baby?


A birth gift is an opportunity to welcome baby and congratulate the parents. We give you some good ideas.

  • A soft toy for baby that is fun and pleasant to touch
  • A basket with beauty products for the mother to take care of her
  • A jewel that baby can keep for the rest of his life
  • An object to decorate the baby's room
  • A voucher for a massage, which mom will enjoy after leaving the maternity ward
  • A gift certificate to a store so that the parents can buy what they need.