24 May 2022

Quickly, let's go to a "mother-baby" hairdresser

Let's face it, after the birth of a baby, it's hard to make time to go to your favorite hairdresser.

  • If you don't have anyone to leave baby with to take some time for yourself, or you just don't want to be separated from him, you don't have to look like a scarecrow.
  • Some hair salons are designed for young mothers and offer a daycare service.
  • A qualified person takes care of baby while mom gets a brand new haircut.
  • It's a great way to take care of yourself without the guilt!

19 Aug 2022

it really a meth to not let pregnant ppl do your hair? I’m pregnant so would that be wrong to let a pregnant hairdresser slay me 🤔


Rebekah Henson’s
13 Aug 2022

Can someone please help me with advice on the sciatic nerve pain it’s horrible an I’m a hairdresser always on my feet !!! 😣