24 May 2022

Everything you need to know about maternity leave

Maternity leave is the ideal time to get back on track and get used to your new rhythm after the birth of your baby.

  • Whether you are employed in the private sector or in the public sector, your rights in terms of duration and compensation are identical.
  • Only if you are self-employed will the duration of this particular period be reduced.
  • If your health allows it, you can also modulate your leave by reducing the prenatal period by a few weeks to extend the leave following the birth of your baby.
  • Don't hesitate to contact the appropriate organization to find out your exact rights and organize your departure smoothly.

28 Oct 2022

Started my maternity leave sooner than expected but I need some advice. Apparently my employer does not participate in State Disability. So that means I am not getting any money from the state. Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do to get financial support while being on unpaid maternity leave? I live in California. Any tips or suggestions would really help. Thank you mommas! #maternityleave #needadvice #babyisontheway #1sttimemom


24 Sep 2022

I cannot even wrap my mind around some jobs not giving maternity leave and we just created a whole like plus 6 weeks is just not enough. I can truly say the best thing this job has offered me is the 16weeks 100% paid maternity leave.. I’m blessed. But I’m still quitting on they asses after them 16 weeks up🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


19 Sep 2022

Waiting On Medical Transportation To Pick Me Up From My Appointment And I'm Hungry ASF Lol Good News Tho I Gotta Talk To My Job To Get My Paperwork From Them To Take My Maternity Leave And Just Bring It Back To My Doctor To Sign She Said I Can Take It Whenever I Want Tho Idk How Much Longer I Can Make It Tho But If These Apartments Want 6 Check Stubs Instead Of Moving Me In With The 4 I'll Have This Friday I'm Thinking About Working Until October 21st When I'll Have The 6th Check Stub And After That I'm Taking My Maternity Leave Shoot I'm Ready To Take It Now Lol Plus I'll Be 36 Weeks By Then


11 Sep 2022

I am going back to work this coming Thursday from Maternity Leave. I feel pretty nervous. I wish that Maternity Leave was longer. I'm trying not to stress and just think positive thoughts. 😊


29 Aug 2022

Anybody live in Maryland know if I can get unemployment during unpaid maternity leave. Any benefits at all. I’m still working at 36 weeks only cause I have to save for bills and don’t have paid maternity leave.


25 Aug 2022

So at my job when my fiancé and I were talking about starting a family last year, I started reading up on the maternity leave and how it all works there. Last time I read it a mother would get 6w off paid at 100% if they worked until their due date, if taken sooner than that you still only get 6w paid at 70%. BUT if you had a C-Section, you would get 8w off for additional healing. YESTERDAY I read their new updated maternity leave that was updated 1 month ago and now we get a standard 8w off paid 100% whether we take off sooner or work until our due date! So I would get an additional 2 weeks off with my son with my full pay🥹🥹🥹 I hate my job but I’m so happy they finally changed the bs maternity leave they had for years


16 Jul 2022

Moms I need your advice. I am a healthcare giver. One of my client she’s having a big behavior which leads to pushing me down and hitting my stomach on the floor and from 11am till 4pm I wasn’t feeling my baby until I had to go check up at the hospital and Glory be to God baby was fine. I asked my supervisor to move me from that site to a site I don’t have to lift clients of 250 pounds or deal with behavioral clients and they are not going to move me. I was doing some thinking and I don’t know am confused. I want to put in my maternity leave now and just drive my doordash till I put to bed. I also found out they not going to pay me for maternity leave. I don’t want all these pregnancy stress just go in vain loosen my baby. I am 34wks and 4days gone. What do you think I should do?


12 Jul 2022

When’s a good time to go on maternity leave? I work a physically demanding job to where I’m on my feet for minimum of 8 hours a day. I’m due in November, but I’m thinking about going on leave October 15th. Is that too soon? I’m allowed to be out longer than the maternity leave but before delivery aren’t paid.


5 May 2022

36weeks can't breathe, can hardly get up out of bed let alone flip over, not very hungry, nauseous, tired af, can't sleep, Braxton hicks, feet hurting, my attitude sucks, and much more going on. Out of my whole pregnancy I've felt like I've hardly gotten everything together to be prepared for my baby. my job doesn't pay good at all or give me hrs so my fiance is going to have to work hard to cover 2months worth of bills on his own. Maternity leave is going to be a struggle, but I feel disappointed in myself for being so lazy to make easy phone calls for my wic appointment to get my free breast pump and apply for foodstamps. I can't afford to be a stay at home mom so during maternity leave I will be looking for a new job that's pays well and will be flexible with me to be home for my baby. I'm just so exhausted and ik sleep won't be an option when babygirl is here, but I'll be happy to have her home and try my best to be a good mama.


17 Jan 2022

Does anyone know anything about maternity leave working at Amazon? :( I just started and I read online that I need to finish 1200 hours to qualify for Amazon maternity leave, but there is no way I will reach that before birth. I have done the math and about of hours and now I am scared j won’t get maternity leave :( if anyone knows anything about that please help!!!!!!!!! I need a job with maternity leave benefits asap