24 May 2022

What maternity leave for 3 children?

When you already have two children and a third is on the way, maternity leave is more than welcome.

  • Between the older children to take care of, the fatigue that tends to be more present and the organization to put in place, the need to take a professional break can be intense.
  • It is to meet this expectation of mothers of several children that maternity leave is extended from the third child.
  • From 16 weeks for 1 or 2 dependent children, maternity leave increases to 26 weeks from the third child.

7 Nov 2022

So ready for this 3 month maternity leave to start 💙 one of the few perks I like about bein in the military


17 Sep 2022

Only thing keeping me motivated is that I’m only less then 3 mo away from maternity leave & im quitting on they asses 🥳🥳 they THINK ima come back.. absolutely notttt I’m so excited 🙌🏽🙌🏽


17 Aug 2022

Does anyone know of any resources that can help financially during maternity leave in VA? I’m a teacher but I’m only getting 20 hours, yup HOURS, of paid maternity leave when my baby gets here in November. I’m only getting 3 days of paid leave, the rest is unpaid. If anyone knows of any resources that I can look into please lmk 🥲


16 May 2022

I just got hired a couple weeks ago and will be working all the way up to my due date which is in AUGUST ! soo since I’m going to only be working for about 3 months am I still able to go on maternity leave ?


6 May 2022

Anybody have any insight on ways to get some sort of income when on maternity leave (My job is very labor intensive so I will be taking at least 3 months off per my states law)? I don’t qualify for short term disability as I didn’t sign up before becoming pregnant 😕


14 Jan 2022

*HELP* I am distraught over a work issue. Anyone who can give their opinion or anyone who works in HR or a hospital would be especially helpful! I am 15 weeks pregnant and am a labor and delivery nurse. I am starting a new job in February, and believe it or not, not hospitals just don’t really care if work conditions are safe or not (some still only giving out 1 N95 mask to use til it falls apart, requiring you to remove the mask then reapplying it throughout the shift exposing yourself while caring for COVID patients, etc) and this hospital doesn’t seem like they care too much about safety, but the position I got is exactly what I need and want to further my career, so I took it. I also need to be maskless for an ID photo in front of someone and until I get an ID badge, remove my mask for a photo every time I go in before then. I was supposed to start in January, but quickly told them it would be February instead with all the omicron cases (I’m in New Jersey), and now am considering pushing it off until March now when I will be further along. Working in labor and delivery I see all the bad things that happen to moms and babies with covid, and don’t want to get covid and have clots in my placenta and have a stillbirth or preterm labor. I am vaccinated and boosted but my booster was 5 months ago so it’s probably worn off with omicron. I am thinking about saying I need to have a surgery and suddenly can’t start til March, but my husband thinks this is a bad idea because they will be even more pissed that I start and work for 3 months, then go out on a 6 month maternity leave (the hiring manager doesn’t know I’m pregnant yet). I really want to protect my baby as long as possible but also really need this job and can’t afford for the manager to say “sorry but we chose someone else who can start right away”. Sorry for the long post! TIA!!!