24 May 2022

Preparing to become a father

Being a father is a big change in any man's life. Your child needs both parents to grow and thrive, and that's good news because today's dads are getting more and more involved in their child's education.

The relationship between a father and his child is established from birth: giving a bottle or a bath, participating in games, organizing the first birthday party... all these moments of complicity promote the creation of a strong bond between a father and his child.

  • Aware of the importance of their role, more and more dads are deciding to reduce their professional activity or simply suspend it temporarily to become stay-at-home dads.
  • If he chooses to do so, the father can take a one-year parental leave, renewable twice.
  • Faced with all these new responsibilities, the new father may feel both happy and stressed about not being able to cope, which is normal.
  • You can reassure him by telling him that the qualities of a good father are above all to be present at his child's side to help him find confidence in himself and become independent.
  • The role of a father is to set limits and protect his child, but also to provide him with plenty of love every day.
  • Just like the mother, the father-to-be deserves to be congratulated on the birth of a child, and this is the time to spoil him too by giving him a personalized birth gift.
  • In case of divorce or separation, it is important that the child can see his father on a regular basis to maintain the bond between them.
  • You'll work together as a team to guarantee the best for your child!

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Becoming a stay-at-home dad


What if men also chose to leave their professional careers behind to become stay-at-home dads?

  • In France, there are only 1.5% of stay-at-home dads.
  • These figures, still low, reflect a certain fear of prejudice.
  • However, many fathers would like to be stay-at-home dads in order to spend more time with their children and provide active support to their partner.
  • Some dads opt for a compromise by slowing down their careers.
  • An interesting subject to meditate on as a family.

What birth gift to give to dad?


What gift to choose for a man who is about to become a father? We give you some ideas.

  • Depending on his personality, you can opt for a humorous gift such as a personalized t-shirt, a onesie or a bib.
  • To lighten the bill of the future parents, useful gifts for the baby will always be welcome.
  • But being a dad is above all being a man.
  • You can therefore offer him some essentials to take care of him during this period that will mark a turning point in his life: a beauty box, perfume...

All about paternity leave


Your partner will be able to enjoy his first days by requesting paternity leave.

  • Any new employed father can benefit from this leave, regardless of his type of contract and seniority in the company.
  • It lasts 11 days.
  • If you have twins or triplets, the leave is extended to 18 days.
  • This leave can be taken within 4 months of the birth of the baby.
  • The employer must be notified at least one month before the start date of the leave, ideally by letter to keep a written record.

Choosing a book for the father-to-be


Would you like to offer a book to your future father to involve him in your pregnancy and prepare him for fatherhood?

  • There is a wide range of guides designed to accompany parents in this happy phase of their lives.
  • Just like moms, dads need to understand what is happening in the womb.

  • These books will familiarize them with the development of the fetus, the psychology of the pregnant woman and answer all the questions they have.

  • They will be reassured and will be able to live the arrival of their little one and the changes of the daily life in all serenity.

Involving the father in the pregnancy


If you're wondering how to involve your father-to-be in your pregnancy, here are some tips on how to prepare him to share this wonderful adventure.

  • Of course, you are the one who is pregnant and who feels all the effects of the baby growing inside your belly, but it is essential to give your darling a place.
  • The first thing to do is to keep the dialogue going by explaining how you feel.
  • Also encourage him to accompany you to your gynecological follow-up appointments, especially the three main ultrasounds.

  • Finally, bond with the fetus together by talking to it or stroking your belly.