24 May 2022

Concerns of the father-to-be

You've just told your partner that he's going to be a father. How do you deal with his possible worries?

  • The arrival of a child is often accompanied by many questions, especially if it is the first pregnancy.
  • Just like you, the father-to-be may have fears or apprehensions, which is why good communication as a couple is essential during these 9 months.
  • If you wish, you can offer him a book that explains in an educational or humorous way what to expect.

  • Ask him to attend gynecological appointments with you, so that he can ask questions and feel reassured.

17 Nov 2022

So found out today that I am a carrier of cystic fibrosis. The father will need to be checked for it. I hope that the father isn't a carrier as I want everything to be ok with the baby


12 Nov 2022

Some days I feel bad for keeping my baby because it feels like I forced someone to be a father who didn’t want to be 💔


23 Oct 2022

Never knew that being a single mother would’ve been in my plans… I truly thought I was going to have the white  picket fence and amazing partner and many children… but instead I ended up single at 4 months pregnant, going to doctors appointments alone, planning my own babyshower, finding out I have a high-Risk pregnancy alone. If it wasn’t for my amazing mother I truly don’t know where I would be… She stepped UP instead of the coward of a sperm donor I have. I chose who I had a baby with and now I knew I had to deal with those consequences. Because of such a HORRIBLE person I now chose that this would be my FIRST and LAST child. It’s crazy how BAD someone can treat you while you carry their child- to constantly being threatened, blackmailed, stalked, emotionally abused by him and his family. I will never regret getting pregnant but I will always regret who I chose to be the father of my child, it breaks my heart EVERY SINGLE DAY that my baby now has to suffer because of my actions. It’s hard, it’s hard doing it all on your own.. Having sleepless nights, sore nipples, poor body imagine, constantly stressing and worrying, going to doctor appointments alone. I finally learned that I can’t feel sorry for myself but take control of the situation.. I now look at the positive(I finally left a abusive relationship and gained a beautiful babyboy, gained full custody and a restraining order) so for whoever is going through the same thing just know your not alone! Keep fighting for you & your baby🤍 #custodybattle #restrainingorder #deadbeat #singlemother #blessed


16 Oct 2022

So me an Sanaa’s dad have a very not healthy relationship. We are not together an never have been . No I’m not gonna get into the whole back story , I’ve said enough bout all that in other post lol . But we are pretty good friends like at the end of the day our friendship is pretty fucking solid like we just have good times together an enjoy each others company - no sex involved either . Cause no we don’t have sex often fr . But idk it’s like since I’ve been pregnant an he’s made it clear he don’t wanna be a father to our child but still wants to deal with me an be around me sometimes . It’s very weird sometimes like some weeks we don’t talk other we can’t go a day an not have any interaction. But then I’ll be over then leave with no problem then here he go texting me mad because I’m pregnant an he ain’t want a baby . But anytime I bring up the fact he says “ I don’t want anymore kids but I wanted you to get pregnant!” Like sir 🤦🏽‍♀️ gets mad like don’t tell nobody you having my baby - nigga why would I just flat out say who her dad is an you have never been my bf . Why do you think you are even a topic to discuss when it comes to my child ! You mad cause you have my real name in yo phone an bitches being weird stalking my social medias an I’m not gone not post about my pregnancy. Mind you it’s only been a total of 3 post . Me announcing my pregnancy- me at 6 months an then now my baby shower - which is now all on private - changed my pfp to not even have my belly showing . Like smh an it be killing me cause he be like I’m just being nice by staying around . How like nigga you ain’t buy me a pregnancy pillow like I been asked . You don’t come to any dr. Apt , you don’t cook for me or help ain’t bought nothing so I’m like how tf you being nice - this is doing more damage then anything . You helped by picking out her name - I let you have that much . Then be like she gone be a young but the second you mad it’s she bet not have my last name . Like smh . Mind you I’ve never begged this man to change his mind - to play any roles nothing . All I say is ; leave me alone like you say an stand on yo words of doing so . But he never does an if he do it last a good week or so not even a full week fr . Lmfao so I told him like I’m not gone tell yo family for the first few years but at some point I will let them know about her an she will know about her other side of the family an they can decided to deal with her or not since you’ve made your decision. Told him , he will be on chil support cause if you think ima spend 9 months round you an after you just gone dip an do whatever - I mean you can but you will take care of your child financially at the very least . Just smh I can go on an on but end of the day ima be a parent that does it on her own an I’m fine with that .


11 Oct 2022

Not to be TMI but what could it mean if your baby's father doesn't want to be intimate anymore since the baby was born?? I'm just asking cause it has really put me down like I'm not attractive enough and idk how to handle being rejected by the person that's supposed to want me.


9 Sep 2022

I’m scheduled for a C-section in 3 days and my house is at war. My mother is making me choose between her and my daughters father at a time where I need them both. I need my mothers help with my older daughter and my recovery, and I need my daughters father to be there for her and because he’s never got to see any of his other kids be born. But my mother refuses to set aside her differences for the sake of both of my kids. My daughters father is willing to sit down and talk and apologize for any wrong doing he’s done in the past and make amends so that both girls not just the daughter we have together can have their grandmother here. But she isn’t budging and is making me choose between the two. Which will leave me with no one to stay with my older daughter while I go have my C-section and stay in the hospital for 3-4 days. She’s only 17 and I can’t leave her home alone for that long. On top of that I’ve never left her alone all by herself before for longer then a few hours. I’m stressing out which is making me sick to my stomach. I didn’t think I’d be more stressed out the last few days of my pregnancy then I was my entire pregnancy. Idk what to do and it’s making my heart hurt 😔🥺🤦🏽‍♀️


28 Aug 2022

I have been having emotional roller coaster.. I’m going depressed. My hormones my everything… my child father starting to be mean. And said “ Yea we can just co parent and you can be with who you with now”.. y’all he making me feel so down. I can’t believe I’m over here stressing about this… I’m strong person and can do it .. it just a lot. I’m just venting. I’m not happy no more.


16 Aug 2022

Bd now wants to step up to be a father but he doesn’t sound confident to do so… I’m worried


3 May 2022

Hi I'm new here but this has been bothering me and stressing me out. My last period was Jan 7. I had sex with my ex the 16th. A few weeks later I ended up having sex on Feb 6 with another guy. Took a test Feb 13 and was positive. I'm due Oct 14. The first guy has to be the father right?


30 Dec 2021

I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby and the father is a guy I dated in HS and we been off and on ever since. Well when we hooked up I ended up pregnant we weren't in a relationship during that time. When I found out I was pregnant I told him immediately he didn't seem excited at all when I told him. But then he wanted me to come over to his place the day I told him I was pregnant and told me we are in this together and that he loved me, but when I had my first doctors appointment to have my pregnancy confirmed he told me he didn't want me to keep the baby that he wasn't ready to be a father. Then things got intense between us we started arguing alot more because he was upset that I was keeping the baby he told me things like he didn't love and he doesn't want to marry me. After a month or so he eventually came around and begin to except that I was keeping the baby and that he was going to be a father and he also apologized for his actions. We started get along everything was going great I honestly thought we were getting closer until just a couple days ago he hit me with I have a new girlfriend and this girl knows that I'm pregnant with his kid. I was really upset because now I feel like my family is going to be broken and I have lost him. But I finally realized that I need to be strong for my baby it hard especially this being my first pregnancy. You always thought when your younger that if you got pregnant you imagined that the father was going to be there but sometimes some fairy tales don't end that way.