24 May 2022

The role of the father-to-be during pregnancy

Expecting a child is best experienced by two people. What is the role of the father-to-be during pregnancy?

  • You are the one carrying the baby, but don't forget the one who planted the seed.
  • The most important thing during this phase of upheaval is undoubtedly to talk.

  • Your partner needs to know how you feel in order to better understand you and accompany you during these 9 months.
  • Invite him to attend ultrasounds so that he becomes aware of the baby's development.
  • Don't hesitate to give him tasks that will make him feel involved in his new life as a father.

14 Nov 2022

I wish I experienced happiness throughout my pregnancy. Instead I’m arguing with my child’s father on why his mama is not going to be in the delivery room because my mom is gonna be there comforting me. Some things just don’t make sense to me 🙁


10 Nov 2022

Any other mamas out here going through pregnancy alone without the father and are going to be a single parent? I’m high risk and doing it alone and I’m scared 😔


23 Oct 2022

Hey mommies I’m going through really bad anxiety I’m scared I’m 7 weeks this is not my first pregnancy but my first born is 12 years old soon to be 13 I feel alone the father of my unborn child is in the picture tries his best to keep me happy but he always working I suffer with ptsd anxiety and depression also ocd lately I’ve been feeling horrible can’t eat always puking I don’t have family support also I have hypothyroidism would really like to have someone who can understand


9 Oct 2022

Idk how much longer I can hold on to my relationship. I’m only 12 WP. It sucks to think that I won’t be supported thru my pregnancy in the way only the father can support you but it’s not like I’m getting the support I want now 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m just tired of the fighting and making up. It’s getting old asf (.)


19 Aug 2022

Even tho my pregnancy is hard and I complain alot about the headaches and puking and back pain. I wouldn't change it for the world I am so blessed and happy to be pregnant. I've had 3 miscarriages and this is the longest I've ever been pregnant. I'm so blessed and happy even if I don't seem it all the time I just want baby to no that u are my world and I am greatful to have u. Cuz like myself I was a person who would give anything to be pregnant I would take the worst pregnancy in the world just to have a baby and God blessed me and my child's father with a baby. I've been not upset or depressed just blah about this pregnancy because of the pain amd stuff I'm going through but I've never been this far and even tho I'm blah I've very excited to meet our beautiful baby in 2023❤


18 Jul 2022

Hi moms I’m new , what advice would you give a soon to be mom that’s separated with the child’s father in early pregnancy? I’m depressed but trying to keep my happiness ❤️


4 Jun 2022

Okay so I have a huge predicament and honestly don’t know what to do. So when I had gotten pregnant, immediately my mother told me to abort the baby. Made a bunch of appointments for me to get rid of my baby. Never went thru with it because I prayed for my baby. Before she fully gave into my pregnancy, she stated that she wants the baby to be named after her. My father agreed but I had told him I don’t feel comfortable naming my baby after someone that wanted me to get rid of her. Now my mother is excited about my pregnancy and still wants me to name my baby after her or at least have the same first letter because it’s her first grandbaby. I still feel uncomfortable with the decision and my boyfriend is completely against it. I already have a name in mind and didn’t tell no one because I wanna make sure it sticks. I feel like they’re putting pressure on me to give my daughter someone’s name who didn’t even want her on this earth in the first place. Very conflicted and confused


8 May 2022

Is it weird to have a bf who isn’t the father during pregnancy? Like my baby daddy wants to be in the babies life but I just find it awkward if I have a bf at the hospital as well as the baby daddy ..


24 Jan 2022

Hi moms out there. I’m currently 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant but still having mixed emotions about having a baby. I’m in a great relationship with the father and I tried to be excited and happy about the pregnancy but nothing has changed and idk what todo. Is this normal? Will this feeling go away? He knows about this and it’s causing so much fighting which is making this so much harder to overcome. Am I wrong to think these things? And then one day be happy about the pregnancy then the next not really knowing what I want?


27 Dec 2021

How do you handle the father not wanting to be there during your pregnancy?