24 May 2022

All about parental leave

When a child arrives, whether it is a birth or an adoption, it is possible to take parental leave.

  • To benefit from this leave, you must have at least one year's seniority in the company.
  • The initial duration of the leave is one year, and it can be renewed twice, or even five times in the case of triplets or more.
  • The request must be sent to your employer by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
  • If you want to extend your parental leave, remember to notify your employer at least one month before the end of the initial period.
  • Don't worry, when you return from your leave, your old job will be waiting for you, or if not, a similar job with the same pay.

1 Oct 2022

Taking maternity leave a bit early might be a good idea. I need the couple extra weeks to get everything else in order for baby. Hoping my doctor was able to get my paperwork signed. Imma just use my 6 weeks of parental leave after it’s exhausted anyways. Good morning moms 💗


30 May 2022

My husband really just said “what am I supposed to do? Sit here bored?” He said this while discussing our first month on parental leave. He keeps trying to plan a weekend with the boys and bring people over for drinks, but since the beginning, I explained I’d like to take these first few weeks to heal and bond as a family. Why is it so difficult for men to get on board? Especially because he begged for this child and I ended up agreeing to this a couple years before I was ready. Now he has no plans to give his all to this new life because he finds it boring?! What is wrong with these men?!