12 Mar 2024

All about parental leave

When a child arrives, whether it is a birth or an adoption, it is possible to take parental leave.

  • To benefit from this leave, you must have at least one year's seniority in the company.
  • The initial duration of the leave is one year, and it can be renewed twice, or even five times in the case of triplets or more.
  • The request must be sent to your employer by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
  • If you want to extend your parental leave, remember to notify your employer at least one month before the end of the initial period.
  • Don't worry, when you return from your leave, your old job will be waiting for you, or if not, a similar job with the same pay.

13 Jul 2023

I just interviewed for a job, when do I tell them Im pregnant? I’m 18 weeks. They pay parental leave but you have to be there for 6 months. I’m not too worried about that, baby will be here by then. I just don’t want to lose my job.

I read at least 15 weeks before your due date if you’re planning to go on leave before the baby comes
13 Jul 2023


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I didnt mention my pregnancy till i was in my training class already
13 Jul 2023